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Bloody nose when I blow too hard!


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Hi all

Sometimes I blow my nose very hard and get a bit of slightly red-ish/pink-ish snot, does this ever happen to anyone else? It mainly seems to happen if I've had a drnk, no idea why. I'm pretty sure if I didn't blow my nose quite so hard it wouldn't ever happen, as it is it's rare but also it feels sooo good giving your nose a good hard honk, does anyone agree? I guess the only problem or a hanky user like myself is making sure it comes out in the wash. I hate hankies that are anything other than sparkling white and clean!



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im not much of a blower, so i dont have it happen to me, but alcohol (im guessing thats what you mean by a drink) can thin the blood a bit, so if you blow really hard it might cause some of the tiny blood vessels in your nose to pop, and give you a bit of a bleed....but as long as you arent continuing the blowing for a really long time after you see the blood, and as long as you dont make it bleed on a daily basis, its probably nothing to worry about.

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It doesn't happen to me but my bf gets bloody snot almost every time he blows his nose. I assume it's just because he blows too hard, but I'm not sure.

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hankyhonk, does this happen to you all year round? It happens to me sometimes, but mostly in winter, when the lack of moisture in the air dries out the nasal passages.

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I do. I've found that if you blow too hard you may burst a blood vessel. So relax. One step at a time! Make sure to Irrigate your nose, it'll help keep it moist!

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