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The lamest cold ever


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The story of the cold that was too lame to be a real cold.

SO just when I thought I was setting records catching a cold last year, I go and catch another one this year! (and right before exams!) But this time I was seriously dissapointed.

The first few days I had a runny nose and a sore throat. Not even a constatly runny nose, just a sometimes runny nose enough to make my nose sore. Though on the second day I did discover a neat trick. If I bent over, it would make me sneeze once...That worked until it hurt to bend over... x.X...and after the second day it stopped working ;)

For the next week (and still) I had a light occasional cough, scratchy voice, and a runny nose, BUT NO sneezes!

What a pathetic cold.

sorry if these obs suck...I have no good material, but I know you guys like to know when anyone catches a cold (haha)

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omg...i absolutely love how you told this obs like a story! makes for quite an interesting read.....now i just have to get a runny nose and try bending over..... :whistling:

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Lalaland....did you give me your cold?

Seriously, I've had the same symptoms for for the past 5 days now...it's like it's trying to make up it's mind as to whether or not it wants to be a cold. Today...I had the scratchy throat, but then it went away and decided to be stuffy again....it's annoying...either let me be sick or let me well, none of this in between crap. Honestly...the only reason I know I'm sick is the fact that well, when I'm sick, it's easier to make me start crying. Which actually comes in useful during allergy season ;)

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