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Last night in bed


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Let me start by saying that I am as sick as a dog. I am as stuffed up as a person can possibly get.

Last night I was laying in my bed trying to get some sleep. I felt that familiar feeling in the back of my nose and sat up, waiting for it. I usually only sneeze once but this time was different. Ackchoo! I waited a second because the feeling was still there. Ackchoo! Again, the feeling remained so I waited, sniffling like a madman. Ackchoo!!! A third one! But wait, there's MORE!!! Ackchoo!!! ACKCHOO!!! And thats where it finally stopped, leaving me breathless with a sniffly nose.

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Oh dear, sick as a dog? I hope you feel better soon. But five sneezes when you normally only have singles. Well that thought leaves me quite breathless too....... :drool:

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Such sneezing leaving you breathless with a sniffly nose?

I have to echo Vetinari, this leaves me breathless too.

To protect my brain from further lack of oxygen I wish you get better soon. :winkkiss:

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YUMMY obs. :winkkiss:

Hmmm... a 20 year old female.... in bed... sneezing... :D Thats enough to push some of us over the edge! :laugh:

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I just feel bad that you feel so bad. (Is there something wrong with me?)

Feel better soon!

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Wow. Bless you. Great obs, but I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly. I hope you get better soon, but be sure to keep us posted on those sneezes. :blink:

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Gesundheit! You ought to have some chicken soup.

Sick as a dog, huh? I hope it doesn't turn out to be distemper, or heartworm, or rabies or anything serious like that.

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oh you poor thing!

would you like a nice cute invisible hunk to come feed you soup? (i can send one over)

and i think i might have to sit down...five wonderful sneezes.....

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