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A Few Drabbles


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Just a few Wilson Drabbles.

Summaries: none

Disclaimers: Characters not mine; ideas are.


Wilson sat slumped at his desk, a well worn handkerchief in his hands. House stood outside the door, watching as Wilson repeatedly brought the handkerchief up to his face, head jerking forward with each paroxysm. House couldn’t hear anything from behind the closed door, he was only able to see Wilson snap forward with each carefully covered sneeze and the moments where Wilson sat there, handkerchief at the ready, eyes filled with pre-sneeze desperation, eyelashes fluttering as the tickle built to unbearable proportions before he’d succumb. House had been heading back to his office when he’d passed the woman in the hallway as she left the oncologist’s office. He’d recognized the scent of her perfume immediately; there had been several occasions when Wilson had dragged him to formal functions and Wilson’s reaction like this, time and time again, was the only compensation he ever received.


Wilson sat on the sofa, wriggling his nose. He’d been out shopping and something, he wasn’t sure what, had triggered his allergies. He was now away from whatever it was, but that didn’t stop his nose from tickling any less. All it did was cause the sneezes to slow. He sat there, clutching the tissues in his hands, waiting. He’d been through this before; the only small bright spot was that the longer it took to get the sneezes out, the closer the allergy fit was to being over. He could hear Bonnie in the kitchen, setting the table and knew that dinner would be ready soon. And he was hoping that this would be over before she called him to the table. He Hated sneezing at the table, totally Not hygienic. Feeling the tickle resurge, he quickly turned his head towards the lamp on the end table, hoping to coax the sneeze out and hopefully end this. Inhaling shakily, he brought the tissues up to his nose. “Hehh-hehh-hehh-Ruuushhhhmmm.” He bent forward at the force of it, and wrapped the tissues around his nose, pleased when the tickle had vanished with the last blow.


Wilson hated colds. He hated the sniffling, congestion, sore throat, coughing and general fatigue that overtook him. He hated the dulling of his senses both from the fatigue and the cold medicine. He hated that the throbbing in his head made it difficult to think. And mostly, he hated the sneezing. He hated sneezing in front of people, particularly patients, and especially House. Totally embarrassing to lose control like that. And with colds it was worse. Always 4 sneezes…two sets of doubles with seven seconds in between sets. And this cold was rather bad, and it never ended with one set. Shortly after arriving back at the apartment, House had sent him to bed after a long string of sneezes that left him exhausted and dizzy. He had curled up in the bed for what seemed like an eternity before House came in, bearing a cup of tea and helping him sit up. House had slid in next to him, supporting him while he drank the tea and telling him stories about the places he had lived. Wilson wasn’t sure when he nodded off, but when he woke, he remembered dreaming of the Nile.

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House had slid in next to him, supporting him while he drank the tea and telling him stories about the places he had lived.

*contented sigh*

actually....closer to :blink::laugh:

ok...now i can die happy....thinking of House.....*sigh* and of course a poor Wilson......

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Thanks guys....there will be more as I get them written (plus there's on I need to have a friend look at first as I'm a bit unsure about it). They're not all Wilson, but they're all going to be House related.

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Gorgeous, as always. Made even better by the fact that I am working my way through season one (after watching loads just randomly and not really getting any of the character stories), and falling in love with Wilson all over again. There is too much cuteness in that guy not to torture him! :drool: I might have a go once I'm a bit more comfortable with them all.

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Drabbletastic indeed. I love them. Of course, I love all your work with Wilson, os no surprises here...

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Well, they're not all Wilson, but hopefully, you'll like them just the same:

Well, hopefully, y'all would like some more: :D


A/N on this one: This is my first attempt writing a Foreman Fic. Be gentle.

A strange scent filled Foreman’s nose when he entered her apartment. An odd, biting smell that stung his nostrils. He saw her in the living room, cross-legged on the couch and slowly crossed over to her. He meant to clear his throat as he approached so as not to startle her but the biting in his nose switched over to a full-fledged tickle before he realized it. “Ahhrgshahh.” The sneeze was out of him before he could prepare for it, and he felt bad as she jumped in surprise, but there was little he could do as a second equally loud, equally harsh sneeze burst force. He managed to fumble for his handkerchief and blew his nose, mumbling an apology from behind it as she extinguished the incense and slid open the living room window to provide him with a bit of fresh air.


“What. Is. That?” Wilson spat the question to House, his eyes focusing on the bundle that House held in his arms, eyes that were already beginning to itch and tear. He took another step back, away from the grizzled doctor. He reached into his pocket for his handkerchief, knowing that it would be necessary soon enough.

House looked at him. “Relax. It’s the neighbor’s. I found it outside. I left a note on the door, and she should be home soon. Just take some Benadryl and deal with it.”

Wilson nodded, heading towards the bathroom, already pausing every few steps to sneeze into his handkerchief. He left the bathroom and indicated to House that he was going to be in the bedroom.

Half an hour later, House entered the bedroom to see Wilson lying on the bed. He sat up when he saw house cross over to him, sniffling wetly. House leaned over him to give him a kiss, but Wilson put his arm out to stop him. “Shower and change first.” He snuffled, ignoring House’s pouty look as the older man left the room.


Sneezing again, Wilson rubbed his forehead, sighing. He took the tissue that House held out and blew his nose, not caring how it sounded. “I’mb sorry; I just can’t seem to shake this cold.”

“Bad cold?” House asked.

“Horribly bad cold.” Wilson confirmed in a stuffy voice that made House want to snuggle with him, were he interested in that sort of thing.

He watched as the younger doctor snatched up another tissue, ducking his head down. “Hehh-chishhh, uhshishh…uhhreiichuhhsh, reiii-yushh.” He blew his nose again, tossing the tissue in the trash can next to him.

This time, House couldn’t resist the pathetic expression Wilson gave him. Sliding closer to him on the bed, he wrapped his arms around him.

Wilson, however, seemed to sense what House was hoping this would lead to and shook his head. “Not tonight, please. I’ve got such a headache.”

First Time:

Wilson was so nervous the first time he induced for House. He still couldn’t figure out what the man found so alluring and attractive about all of this. All he knew for sure was that the older man appreciated it.

Ignoring the self conscious feelings, especially as House was straight out leering at him, he tried to recall the directions the older man had given him. He gently wiggled the q-tip around in his nose until hit a certain spot, and he could feel the prickling that indicated a sneeze was on the way.

He felt his breath start to hitch as he got closer to the sneeze. He kept panting in and out, trying to coax the sneeze out as the tickle became more and more intense. His eyes were watering and scrunched shut so he could no longer see the lustful expression on House’s face.

“Huhh…uhh…huhhh-UHRuhhshehhh.” The sneeze came finally, much harsher and stronger than he was used to. He opened his eyes to see the pleased look on his lover’s face.


Chase could feel the heat rising in his cheeks as the fit continued. He could feel Cameron’s eyes on him as his head pitched forward with each sneeze, but he couldn’t stop long enough to see if she was upset with him for this. He kept the tissues to his nose, wishing he could sink into the ground. Just disappear so that she couldn’t see his allergic misery. “Eh-chuhh, chuhh, chuhh, chushh, eichushh, heh-eh-chuuishh.” Finally the fit tapered to an end, and he heard Cameron sit down next to him.

“Bless you.” He heard her say softly as she passed him a fresh handful of tissues so that he could clear out his nose. He turned to thank her, giving an embarrassed smile as she took another tissue and gently, carefully blotted the tears out from his eyes.

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Well, since life got away from me for awhile, I've got some drabbles that have been written for ages; I just didn't get a chance to post them here yet. :drool:

Terribly sorry about that.


Wilson cleared his throat to attract House’s attention, not that he was entirely sure why. Bringing House’s attention back to him would only result in the older man stealing more of his lunch. But he had spent most of lunch ignoring Wilson, and more oddly, ignoring Wilson’s food.

Instead, House had his head turned away from Wilson and was intently watching Chase who was huddled in a booth in the corner, nursing a cardboard cup of tea. Alright, House was flat out staring at the cold stricken wombat as he sniffled, sneezed and blew his nose with one of the napkins he had stacked next to him.

“You should send him home, you know.” Wilson pointed out. “I’m sure he’d appreciate that a lot more than you eyeing him constantly.” He reminded the pouty older doctor.


House cleared his throat as he reached for the mug of tea that Cameron had left for him on the conference room table. He took a long swallow, enjoying the honey and lemon flavors as the soothed his throat. He heard a knocking on the doorframe and looked up to see Wilson standing there.

“What do you want?” He muttered, wincing at the pain in his throat and the hoarse, raspy quality to his voice.

“Though I’d stop and see how you were doing?”

House groaned. Trust Wilson to be peppy and cheerful when he was feeling so miserable. Snatching a tissue off the table, he ducked his head down for a harsh trio of sneezes.

“Bless.” Wilson slid into the chair next to him and gently rubbed his back as the older doctor blew his nose before dropping his head down to the table.



Wilson looked up from his book and over at House. “Done yet?”

“Ehhhrushhh. Huhhshyuhhh.” Blowing his nose, he shook his head as Wilson went back to his book. House had been in the midst of a hay fever attack since he’d come in the door. Being the ever dutiful best friend, Wilson had fetched him a box of tissues, a glass of water and an antihistamine. But beyond that, all he could do was wait it out.

“Hehpshahh…hihhptchoo, hheghshuuu.” Wilson waited for House to blow his nose and look at him, wiping allergic tears from his eyes, indicating that the fit was over and the Benadryl had taken over.

“Bless you.” Was all Wilson said as he bit back a smile at the sheer patheticness of House’s predicament.


Wilson looked up from his desk and his pile of tissues to see House standing in the doorway. “You shouldn’t be here.” The older doctor commented.

“I’m not that bad.” Wilson mumbled congestedly, picking up another tissue and gingerly blowing his nose.

“Bad enough for Cuddy to ban you from clinic duty And have your patients temporarily distributed amongst your staff. What can you possibly have to do here?”

“Paperwork.” Wilson coughed into his sleeve.

“Paperwork you’re contaminating.” House chided, from the doorway.

Wilson didn’t respond, instead he snatched up a tissue again, pressing it to his nose to conceal a harsh wet fit that shook him with its intensity.

House watched as he blew his nose, wincing at the tenderness. “You slept here.”

Wilson avoided his gaze. “Bonnie says I keep her awake with my snoring.” He snuffled. “Even if I sleep on the couch.”

House rolled his eyes. “You know, there is a couch at my place. And you know I sleep through anything.” He tossed his spare key onto Wilson’s desk. “Go get some sleep.” He turned and walked back towards his office. Strange as it seemed, he did understand why Wilson wanted this marriage to work.


It had all started as an idle comment House had made over lunch one day. A comment on how well he knew Wilson. And Wilson, naturally, insisted that that couldn’t be true. Wilson remembered it being House who brought it up, he had challenged that he could even tell if Wilson was faking a sneeze.

The first few times Wilson had tried, House knew. And that served Wilson’s resolve to get one over on House. He just needed to wait. It must have been over a month after the original conversation, Wilson decided to try again. His allergies had been bothering him earlier in the day, and even though they had cleared up now, he still craved a little extra attention from House.

He was sprawled out on the sofa in House’s living room while the two of them watched TV when he decided to go for it. He reached over to the coffee table, snagging a tissue out of the box, and bringing it to his nose, gauging House’s reaction from the corner of his eye. ”Huhh-ehhrshhh, ehhhrishhhah.” He made certain to pitch his head forward, however, the only response he got was a “nice try” from House.


He couldn’t sleep. No matter how hard he tried. If he didn’t sleep high enough on the pillows, his stuffed up nose made it hard for him to breathe and if he slept with his head elevated, everything drained down his throat and made him cough. And his body ached every time he moved.

He’d tried everything he could think of to fall asleep. He tried watching TV, but the changing glow from it made his head throb. He tried reading, but his eyes were burning from his fever. He lay there in the dark, trying to keep his coughing to a minimum as he didn’t want to wake the man sleeping in the other room.

But, the other doctor wasn’t sleeping either. Wilson started slightly as a glass of water was set on the coffee table. A dim light was turned on over in the corner and the piano bench pulled out. He fell asleep listening to what House told him in the morning was a Rachmaninov sonata.


She came home to find him sprawled out on their bed. Crumpled tissues littered the floor near the wastebasket. Quietly slipping into the bedroom, she rested the back of her hand on his forehead. The touch pulled him out of the light sleep that he had sought refuge in, and he sat up to look at her.

Cameron took stock of Chase’s glazed eyes and dazed expression. “Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” She asked.

Chase sniffed, rubbing a hand underneath his nose. “Didn’t want to worry you or ruin your vacation.” He reached over to snag a tissue from the box next to him. “Eiihchuhh, ehhchiiuhh. ‘Scuse me.” He murmured as she sat down next to him, rubbing his back before helping him to lie back down on the bed, promising to wake him later when she had soup and tea ready.


Foreman hated this time of year. Wet and gray and bitterly cold. Nothing but a slushy mess everywhere he looked, he mused, staring out the window. Feeling the tickle return to his stuffed up nose, he reached into his pocket for his handkerchief. Bringing it to his nose, he muffled 5 harsh sneezes into it. And it meant cold and flu season. And this cold had managed to penetrate his careful defenses.

Blowing his nose, he cursed House and Kutner for bringing it into the office. He heard a cough from behind him and turned to see Taub standing there, offering him a styrofoam cup. “Thought you could use this as well.”

Foreman noticed the cup held in Taub’s other hand as well as the thick congested tone to his voice and took the cup. “Thanks.” He said as Taub sat down across from him. “Sounds like you wound up with this as well.” He commented as Taub reached into his pocket for his own similarly battered handkerchief and nodded before he blew his nose.

Fall: (Chase for Evelyn)

It was that time of year again, the time of year that made him wish he were somewhere else, anywhere else. Although, he mused as his sniffled again, within a year, he’d most likely be allergic to that place too. His allergies had eased up some since he’d moved to New Jersey, but he still was stuck with the horrible hay fever that had plagued him back in Melbourne. He’d taken his pill immediately upon waking and now was waiting for it to kick in.

He glanced down at the tissues in his hands before his eyes fluttered shut, and he pressed the tissues to his nose. “Eihchuhh, hehhchuhh, eichhushh, eh!chuhh.” The fit continued for over a minute, harsh sneezes that shook his body with their intensity. Finally, the sneezing tapered off, and he was able to blow his nose in an attempt to clear his head. Glancing at his watch, he sighed. Half an hour and he he’d have to face going out to his car to get to work.


Kutner shook his head slightly to clear it as he reached for another tissue. Blowing his nose, he reflected on the situation. House had come in with a cold earlier in the week, pissed that Cuddy had still insisted he come in. And Kutner had been next in line for it.

He understood why House had wanted to stay home. Granted House always wanted to stay home, but Kutner, who rather enjoyed coming to work, wanted to be home as well.

He brought the tissue to his nose as the tingling in his nose reached fruition. “Hhheh-keshh. Ihhkeshhh. Ihhkshhh.” He managed to stifle the last one and blow his nose, sighing. Pinching the bridge of his nose he rubbed his temples, glancing at his watch. He still had two hours before he could take more cold medicine…and another six before he could go home.

He lifted his head up as Taub entered the room, pretending not to notice that the other doctor took care to stay as far away from him as possible. Rolling his eyes slightly, he picked up another tissue, pressing it to his nose as another fit of nearly half a dozen sneezes shook his tired body.

Pillow: (Cameron for silentdreamer789)

Chase heard her cough as she came up the stairs. Cameron had had an evening shift at the ER, and from the way she had sounded earlier, it seemed as though she was coming down with the same cold he’d had the previous week. He switched on the bedside lamp as she walked into the room, looking completely exhausted.

Chase sat up and handed her the sweatpants and sweatshirt he’d gotten out for her to sleep in. She opened her mouth to thank him, but instead wound up spinning away from him to avoid sneezing on him. “Ehchishh, Shishh.”

Chase blessed her as she accepted the pajamas from him and quickly changed into them. Once she was ready for bed, he handed her the medicine cup filled with the sticky green nighttime cold medicine along with a bottle of water for her to wash it down with. She crawled in bed next to him, snuggling up against his body heat as he slipped his extra pillow underneath her head to help her breathe better.

Handkerchief: (Foreman for tma)

He buried his nose deep in to the soft cotton folds for a resounding blow. The cold he had managed to contract from House and Kutner had been relentless. He’d been miserable for nearly a week. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this sick. His head felt as though it was filled with bricks, and it throbbed along with the rest of his body every time his head pitched forward with a violent sneeze or a harsh cough.

He glanced over at his soft, warm bed, wishing he could crawl back into it. But he knew that House wouldn’t let him get away with calling in sick. Even if the older man consented to let him stay home, his attempts at rest would be constantly interrupted by phone calls.

He grabbed a few extra handkerchiefs from his dresser, stuffing them into his trouser pocket, knowing he’d need them. Walking into the kitchen, he swallowed his cold medicine with a long sip of tea, ignoring the pain in his throat. Setting the cup in the sink, he pocketed another dose of medication and headed for the door.

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brigidmn.....you're a genius!!!! :notworthy:

*reads again* :jawdrop:;):sillybounce::boom::drool::D

i just :) House so very very much....and you capture him perfectly!!!! (not to mention that :cold stricken wombat: :lmfao: )

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Clearly...I don't feel like studying anymore. Cardiac Glycosides....I don't really need to know anything about those, right?

Anyways....here's some updates that I've been lax in cross posting since as I've said previously school has eaten my brain and I are laaaaazeeeeeee, so apologies in my laxness, on that.

Bed: (Chase for Evelyn):

He slumped back against the pillows, coughing harshly. The cold had started in his chest, and even though it had now moved up to his sinuses and nasal passages, a good chunk of it still remained in his chest, leaving him with a hacking cough and a sore throat that stung each time he sneezed. “Ehhchhhh, hhhehhchhht.” Like now. He tried to stifle them to reduce the strain on his throat, but he wasn’t sure if it made a difference, honestly.

He readjusted the pillows against the headboard of his bed, so he was in a reclined position, sitting up enough so that he could sip the tea that Cameron had made for him before she left for work. He felt the honey and lemon flavors begin to sooth his throat. Setting the cup back on the nightstand, he closed his tired eyes, resting until a sneeze startled him out of his semi-dozing state.


I shouldn’t feel this way, and I tried to squash jealousy from surfacing. It was the way House was looking at him; it was the way he usually looked at me when I was in the same state Chase was in. Specifically a sniffly, sneezy allergy stricken mess. I knew I should pity Chase, not envy the attention he was getting from House. But as much as I hated to admit it, I was prone to jealousy from time to time.

I pushed my plate away and stood up from the table, glaring at House and stalking off, not caring about the confused look on his face. I knew I wasn’t being rational. I just didn’t care.

I avoided him for the rest of the day, he came home and at supper, pretending to do research when in reality I was sulking behind my laptop and going to bed early to avoid the stony silence I had imposed, figuring he didn’t know what was bothering me.

It wasn’t until he came to bed that I realized he did, as he whispered in my ear, “The whole day when I was watching Chase, all I was thinking about was you.”


I stood in the doorway, watching her. It had been a long day, and I was dead tired, but I didn’t want to go in and disturb her. She looked so peaceful and content, and I could hear her softly singing along. “Ihhtschuhh, hihhrihhchh…iiihhrushhuhh, uhhrushhoo.” The sneezes came before I could stop them, and I sighed, reaching for my handkerchief

She set the guitar down on the couch and came over to me. “Bless you.” She said softly, resting a hand against my forehead. It was all I could do to hide how good her cool hand felt against my face. “James, you’re burning up.” She said in that schoolteacher tone of hers.

“I’b finde, Abbie.” I sniffled, blowing my nose again. “It’s just a cold.”

She sighed, leading me over to the couch. “I don’t care. You’re going to settle down here and get some rest until dinner.” She moved the guitar and helped me to snuggle down on the couch, draping a blanket over me and fluffing a pillow behind my head. “I’ll wake you for dinner.” She promised, kissing me gently on the forehead. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I wasn’t hungry.

Concern and First Date (2 for the price of 1 lol):

I sat there nervously, wondering where she was, hoping she hadn’t stood me up. As I went to glance at my watch, I saw her come rushing in. She apologized for being late, and I noticed that her voice had a congested tinge to it. As she sat down across from me at the table, I noticed that she looked slightly worn and that her eyes and nostrils were rimmed pink. “Are you alright? Is everything ok?” I asked her, worried she had been crying or something

She sniffled lightly, rubbing the back of her hand upwards across her nose. “Of course. Why?” She asked before she realized what prompted my questions. She gave me a slight smile. “It’s allergies, James. They’ve been pretty bad today. I must look awful.” She looked down at her hands, a light blush rising in her cheeks.

“You look beautiful, Abbie.” I reassured her. “Have you taken something?” I asked, figuring I could always run and get her Benadryl or something if she needed it.

She nodded quickly, turning away from the table to muffle two soft sneezes into her elbow. She sniffled softly and turned back to me. “Excuse me.” She apologized. “And yes, I’ve taken my allergy pills…they just don’t make the symptoms completely go away. But believe me, I’d be much worse if I hadn’t.”

I nodded. I didn’t have allergies, so they weren’t something I had much more than some textbook knowledge on. “If you want to reschedule…” I started, not wanting her to think I was put off by her appearance and her allergies. “I mean, if you’re not feeling well enough…”

She shook her head, smiling faintly. “I’m fine. I mean, unless this bothers you.”

“No. It doesn’t bother me at all.” I rushed to keep her from getting the wrong idea. “I just thought if you weren’t feeling well, I could wait until you felt better.”

She gave me another smile, bigger this time. “It’s early in the season, James; they’re only going to get worse until winter. Besides, I’ve dealt with this my whole life; I’ve learned not to let it interfere with my life too much. Besides I look much better now than I will a few weeks from now.”

I looked into her eyes. “I don’t think you could ever look anything but beautiful.” I told her truthfully, handing her a menu.

Message: (House for silentdreamer789)

House picked up the phone and dialed Cuddy’s office number. After three rings, her machine picked up. House grinned…it was far easier to call in to Cuddy’s machine that to Cuddy herself. He worked at making himself sound as pathetic as possible. “Hi Cuddy.” He whispered hoarsely. “It’s House. I…shit…hold on…Hahhrahshhh, arrhhshuhh, HuhhSheshh…Sorry. I’m not going to be able to make it in today. Wilson gave me his damn cold. Uhheshhh.” He paused to cough roughly. “And as you can see, I’m in no condition to work today…shouldn’t even be around patients right now.” He sniffled wetly. “And if you don’t believe me, you can ask Wilson…Ahhshishhh…since he’d rather come into work than take care of me. And I’m going to hang up now.” He said between sniffles, “And spare you the sound of me blowing my nose on your machine. House hung up the phone and leaned back on the couch, surveying the coffee table which Wilson was filling up with bottles of water, cough drops, cold medicine, tissues and anything else that he could anticipate House needed throughout the course of the day.


Foreman tried to ignore the persistent tickle in his nose. He’d been fighting with the urge to sneeze ever since his last clinic patient left the exam room, and he certainly wasn’t about to sneeze while in the room with a new one. He gritted his teeth and focused on examining the patient in front of him while in the meantime, his inner diagnostician ran down the possibilities of what it could be.

He finally narrowed it down to the rather pungent perfume she had been wearing. Of course, dwelling on it, although he couldn’t stop himself, did nothing to abate the tickle. Fortunately, this patient was rather easy to diagnose. Bright red eardrum, so ear infection. Foreman quickly scrawled off the script and handed it to the patient, sending him on his way.

“Ehhhrshhahh…Uhshahh….Urhhcheshhhh.” And he got rid of the patient just in time. Seconds after the patient had left the exam room, Foreman had doubled over with a trio of harsh sneezes, barely having time to grab his handkerchief out of his pocket to cover them with.

Dusty and Beautiful:

Wilson reached deep in the back of the closet to where he knew the box would be. It had been about…no, it had been exactly a year since he had last pulled it out and looked at it. It would have been their 10th anniversary today. It would have been if he hadn’t messed it up so she left him. He unearthed the album from the box, ignoring the dust that was stirred up and brushing off the thick layer of dust that covered the photo album.

He rubbed his eyes, feeling the dust start to irritate them. Ignoring the slight tickle that was beginning to prick at his sinuses, he opened the album to the first page. ‘God, she was gorgeous.’ He thought. It had been an outdoor wedding…she’d always wanted one. And that was Abbie. When she wanted something, she went out and got it. She had stuffed herself full of antihistamines and sniffled her way through the entire ceremony, but she hadn’t cared, and neither had he.

Her long blonde hair hung loose over her shoulders, joining with her white dress. Her clear gray eyes staring off the page at him. “ExxChhmt.” He gave in to the urge, stifling the first sneeze. Two more quickly followed, and he quickly wiped at his nose with his handkerchief, trying to convince himself that the tears that were welling up in his eyes were merely a histamine reaction and not an emotional one.

He wasn’t sure how long he sat up there, stifling sneezes and fighting back tears. If only he hadn’t cheated, leading her to leave. If only.

At least when he came back downstairs, and Julie questioned his red puffy eyes and mild congestion, he could always pin it on the dust and pray she didn’t remember that he had done this on the same day last year.


Kutner buried under his blankets, wiping his nose petulantly. He was rather sick of this cold; it seemed that no matter what he did, it insisted in hanging on. He’d gotten past the coughing his lungs up stage, but the sniffles, sneezes and fatigue didn’t want to go away.

“Hehh-kushh, Uhhhkshhh.” He blew his nose, tossing the tissue in the direction of the overflowing trash can in the corner. He’d clean up it up in the morning, since House had made them all work overtime this week. But since they had resolved the case and didn’t have a patient, the weekend was his to rest and try to get better…not to mention catch up on the household chores he had ignored due to lack of energy and time.

“Ehhh-keshhh.” Another sneeze should him out of his mental task planning, and he reached over for another tissue, adding tissues along with soup and orange juice to his mental shopping list.


He looked in the mirror, sighing at his pink tipped nose and pink rimmed eyes. Cameron had talked him into going shopping with her, with the requisite stop at Bath and Bodyworks. And she had forgotten how he reacted to honeysuckle. She had sprayed out the body spray to get a feel for the scent, and Chase had barely been able to flee the store before a gut-wrenching allergy attack struck him. Fortunately, Cameron had noticed, set aside her potential purchases and dashed out after him, hurrying him out of the mall and into the car, sparing him from complete and total humiliation.

He had sneezed non stop the entire ride home, knowing that he must look a piteous wreck. Once inside, he had curled up in a sniffly ball on the couch with a box of tissues, accepting the pink Benadryl capsules from Cameron and swallowing them between sneezes. She had slipped off to take a shower, just in case any of the scent was still on her, she said, and he had to admit, he was thankful that she left him alone to his misery. And now that the sneezing had abated somewhat, it was time for his shower.


“Ehh-chhummmpt, Ehhh-chuhshh…Hehh-reichhishh, eichishhhuh.” Always two sets of doubles with a cold…without fail. “Ehhshushhh, hehhrushh…eiiyuhshhahh, hehhrishhh…Hhehhreiichmmpt, ehhxxchhmpt…hiixxchhummmpt, hhiikixxt.” And occasionally, not always one set. He picked up his well used handkerchief and blew his nose loudly as House came into the room.

“Poor sick Jimmy.” House snickered, looking at him. “This is why I avoid clinic duty.”

“Shut up.” He glared at House, throwing his damp handkerchief at him. “And unless you’re planning on staying somewhere else for the next 7 to 10 days, chances are you’ll catch it anyway.” He coughed harshly, and House reached over to help him sit up, handing him a bottle of water.

House smiled. “At least, I’m going to have more fun catching it from you.” He whispered, leaning in and kissing Wilson gently.

Hay Fever:

He sat there, trying to fight the urge to rub at his itching, burning eyes. He hated this time of year. The headaches, the watery eyes, the congestion that wouldn’t quit. “Ehhchuhh, hehhchushh, eihchushhtt, heeh-chhxxt. And of course, the sneezing. He picked up another tissue and blew his tender nose, wincing at the soreness. He’d taken the pills over half an hour ago, and they had yet to kick in.

He warily glanced out the front window, knowing that he’d eventually have to venture outside to get to work. But that could wait until the antihistamines he’d loaded himself with kicked in. “Ehchuhh, chushhh, huhchuhh, exxhchushh, exxchhhmmpt.” Sighing, he blew his nose, and waited for the dizziness that came with the sudden fit to pass. He took a sip of water from the glass on the table to soothe his irritated throat and gave in to the desire to rub at his watering eyes. Leaning back in the kitchen chair, he sat there with his box of tissues, waiting for the itching in his nose to subside, an indication that the meds were finally working.

Sun (Kutner for ZaNeesee):

“Ehh-Kushhh. KehhYehshh.” House and Taub stared at Kutner as he sneezed explosively after stepping out onto the balcony.

Taub backed away from him. “Don’t tell me you’re sick again.”

Kutner shook his head. “It’s the sun.” He explained to Taub’s confused expression. “I sneeze when I go out in the sun.”

“Never heard of that happening.” Taub challenged.

Kutner sighed, stepping out of the shaded he had slipped into and looking into the sun. “Huhh-Kehhhsh, Huhh-iihhkshhh. See.”

“I’ve still never heard of it.”

“Photic reflex.” House drawled. “Bright lights can make people sneeze. Pretty common actually.” He leaned against the wall, watching. “Guess it’s not something that comes up in plastic surgery.” He commented as Taub’s beeper went off, and he headed back inside to respond.

House moved over towards the balcony wall, motioning for Kutner to follow him. There was no way to avoid the sun along the balcony, Kutner realized, and he quickly succumbed to two more sneezes, then looked over at House, a smile and realization slowly dawning on his face. “You…you’re enjoying this, aren’t you.”

Drugs – Cuddy

She had never been allergic to anything before in her life. But now, out of nowhere, at a party at one of the board members homes, she was suddenly, out of nowhere allergic to something. She’d spent half the night ducking into the bathroom or empty rooms to stifle her sneezes and try to keep anyone from noticing.

And then…almost as if by fate, she had seen House there…looking awkward and out of his environment in his suit and tie. As he walked past the room she was currently hiding in, she grabbed him, pulling him in there with her.

“I deed drugs.” She sniffled as he took in her watery eyes and runny nose.

“Are you sure you’re not on some?” He asked as she doubled over with another harsh, barely stifled fit.

“Shut up.” She hissed. “I know how bad your hay fever is, and I know that you have to have something stashed in your pocket.”

“What’s it worth to you?” He asked fishing the pills out of his pocket, wincing as she painfully stifled another sneeze.

“No clinic duty for a week.” House wavered on handing over the drugs. “If you don’t I’ll double it.”

Massage, Blue – Cuddy

She wasn’t sure why she had said he could come over after he finished leading her study session. It wasn’t as if she felt up to company; she’d been fighting this virus for the past week which was why she had attended the study session in the first place. She had sat in the back, coughing and sniffling through the entire thing, and at the end, he had offered her a ride back to her apartment. And as it had started pouring, she was hesitant to refuse.

And then, well, she had this annoying sense that it would be proper for her to invite him in for coffee or something. And she did have to admit, she was the tiniest bit attracted to him, not to mention that it definitely felt mutual…tonight hadn’t been the first time he’d shown an interest in her.

She had to admit she felt a bit self conscious as she led him into the apartment, given the fact that it was littered with take out boxes and crumpled tissues. But he, surprisingly hadn’t said anything as she invited him to sit on the couch, saying that she’d be back momentarily with coffee.

She’d made it into the kitchen before she started sneezing again. Fortunately she’d been able to keep that to a minimum during the study session and the ride home. And the next thing she knew, he was in the kitchen, bringing in the box of tissues.

They’d gone back to the living room when his coffee and her tea were ready. They’d been talking and the next thing she knew, she was staring into those mesmerizing blue eyes and leaning in to kiss him when a sudden sneeze broke that spell.

Surprisingly, he’d also leaned in and kissed her…and the kisses came very close to leading to more. She was willing and could sense he was as well. But her cold had other ideas. He had suggested moving things to the bedroom, but her aching body protested. And she told him as much.

Surprisingly again, he had understood, and instead began to work his long limber fingers over her aching shoulders and back. The next thing she knew…the rain had stopped and her head was on his shoulder.

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Mmmm... lovely. Wilson's always my favorite, but some of those others are lovely too.... I love your drabbles!

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This has, for they entire length of my lurkerdom, been my favorite drabble thread ever. Just wanted to let you know. I especially love Chase, always. :proud: ... also -

You…you’re enjoying this, aren’t you.
That was a perfect, hilarious line. I can just hear Kutner saying it, and see his face. :laugh: The whole thing, all of the little drabbly bits are just great. Your spelling-outs are suited wonderfully to the characters, and the situations are just adorable. My favorite one is "Stare", just because I can imagine it in perfect detail and it is the cutest image! Pretty much all of these could be scenes in the show, and they are so well written, they can be in our mind's eye. Sorry for all the silly worshipful commenting, it's just so :lol::lol:
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More will come eventually. I've been working like crazy since I finished school and haven't had a whole lot of time for writing lately. But we're approaching fully staffed now, so now that I'm off overtime, hopefully I'll be able to get back in the groove again. :omg:

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Guest starlily23

:razz: *flails*


*is disappointed in self* Well my lurking and busy-ness caused me to miss this goldmine, so I suppose it's my own fault. I, Like you, have been endlessly busy with work.

You are so very talented at capturing these characters; I so much enjoy reading the things you post. I hope you do get back to this eventually, it's superb.

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OMG, brigid, these are AMAZING! I'd been staying away from House fic for a while, lest I get spoiled (I stopped watching, for complicated reasons, mid-third season), but now I'm back in the fandom, and newly in love (and lust) with Wilson, and OH MY GOD, these drabbles are just spectacular! Especially considering my newfound Wilson obsession, which allows me to enjoy your version of him (read: the glasses! One of my other major fetishes!) even more! Oh, but then, your House... B)

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More will come eventually. I've been working like crazy since I finished school and haven't had a whole lot of time for writing lately. But we're approaching fully staffed now, so now that I'm off overtime, hopefully I'll be able to get back in the groove again. :hug:

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed your stories they are so YUM! But I've missed *you* much more. :hug: :hug: Hope that all is well and can't wait for the return of the bunnies. B)

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