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The Myth


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I entitle this "The Myth" because I don't know if its true, but a friend of mine tells me pinching your eyebrows can stop/slow down a sneeze (why would you want to, that I know), but thats what I hear. The other thing is, looking at a bright light can stop a sneeze as well. That has to be false ,but she says it is something her grandmother says so I figured I would post to see if anything remotley familar has been discussed here before. As far as the eyebrow thing goes, there are certain nerve endings there connected to face muscles but I don't know about actually stopping an itch. :drool:

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I don't really know, but I've just realized that "finger under nose" isn't really finger under nose when it works - it's when you press the finger hard against the upper lip that the urge to sneeze passes. It works on me everytime. Don't tell anyone outside the forum though, I really don't want people to STOP sneezing! :drool:

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Guest dustbunni3

As for the 'bright light' thing, as you've stated, it is quite obviously myth. in most cases it works exactly oppositely. as far as the eyebrow thing, i honestly can't see a connectoin. but i've definately heard stranger things. One of my best friends swears that if you look up and say "watermelonwatermelonwatermelon" you won't sneeze. (Which i have tried, which kindof works, which REALLY SUCKS because he has these hottttttt explosive body racking sneezes. **sighs** i'm over here hoping he'll completely forget about it **prays**) :D

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