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Some Attempts At Pencil (m)


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Another crosspost (read: shameless attempt to get more exposure) I don't often draw in pencil, preferring cartoony type stuff, so I was doing some of these as practise...they're a little shaky since this isn't usually my drawing style of choice...but unfortunately with these drawings my scanner ate some of the lighter details, which was annoying.

For both of these I was drawing directly from pictures I'd found (or that others found FOR me!) that I thought "with a little bit of tweaking, that could totally look like a sneeze!"

Side view which was my first attempt drawing anything in pencil for a long time! I drew it very lightly so the scanner really played havoc with it!


This one was done a little more recently. I was trying to make his hair look all messy.


Try to ignore the fact that...I'm not very good with realism... :D

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yes, you are good at realism!!!! these are sooo cute! great job on teh shading....and such a cute little pinkish nose.....

the glasses are just so cool....not to mention the texture in his shirt......

*takes notes from the master*


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Yum, yum, yum. You've caught him beautifully.

I'm enjoying your Hiro story too.....he's so cute!

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