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I know someone here is a Seinfield freak and has the entire collection. I'm wondering can any of you upload or locate as many videos/clips of Elaine blowing her nose as you can. She does it (blowing her nose) tons of times on Seinfield and the sneezing, I know thats around the net but the nose blowing is easier asked for than done, any help ? :D

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Guest Ricardo

Hi! I am a Seinfeld fan and have all 9 seasons. I will try and find for you the clips of her blowing and the related episodes. She blows well. Here is a link to episode - 'The Stock Tip' She blows her nose at around 00:58 seconds.

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umm... why was the link taken down?

I see that a moderator Lynne edited both posts, but I see no reason given as to why. I have no problem though being me, i'll find it anyway. Thanks to those who tried to help. :unsure:

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  • 7 years later...

ah, okay. :]

any more episode pointers?

Yes. "The Revenge" and "The Bubble Boy", but that's all I know of.

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