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Yay VoOs!

Guest dustbunni3

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Guest dustbunni3

I was browsing the "artwork" section the other day. You are really good. <--(understatement of the year)

Oh! and I looked up the name Abel, because, well, I thought you might like it: his name means "Breath, evanescence"


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Yay girl!

Not too into male sneezing myself, but the Vinerilla picture... :laugh: I just... I'm just... :blushing::cryhappy: I've printed it, framed it and put it on the wall above my computer. She's so hot. :twisted::innocent:

I also want an allergic goddess! :drool:

Keep it up VoOs! :bleh:

Och jag tycker fortfarande att du skulle publicera Ina-bilderna... om det inte känns om att du fick fram den riktiga Ina kan du väl rita om dem... men jag ÄLSKAR dem! :drool:

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Wow, thank you, guys. :laugh:

Abel... *tastes on name* Yes, I do believe that is one of the prettiest names I know :bleh: Thanks for looking up the meaning of it, dustbunni! :drool:

Jeez, it's about time I draw that priest again. :heh: It's been a while.

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Guest dustbunni3

Guess what? I was talking to my friend the other day, and she gave me this really great webstite.


It has free episodes of almost every anime ever made ever. Full episodes.

I was like: ( ! )

So I just had to tell you.

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