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HUGE BUILDUP, tiny sneeze.


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i know this girl.. we will call her A for the time being. anyways, she works at the hawaiian bbq restaurant with me.. she has the funniest sneeze. i cant say i find it rather attractive or anything, as i prefer a full hard sneeze, but its very funny to watch. she gets the classic vulnerable look in her eyes, and keeps it there, as if unsure if shes gonna sneeze. then once it becomes clear to her, she starts waving her hands in the air like crazy, and hitches ever so slightly to bring out the sneeze. then one last BIG HITCH, and then et-chu. the smallest most petite sneeze i have ever heard. i swear if you layed her on her back, put a tissue on her face while she sneezed, she probably couldnt even lift it into the air.

dont you hate these?? its like that episode of the wonder years with the girl with the big nose. they were all scared of her sneeze, or in our case hoping to see it. and when it finally came, it was the smallest sneeze in the history of man.


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I witnessed the same type of sneeze sequence this morning. I was in the coffee shop, and one of the women who has been trying to catch one of our single men neighbors, recently divorced, was sitting across from me. Her eyes became glazed over, she turned her head a little, her nostrils flared, and she started waving her hand in front of her face. I could her hear hitching. Then she cupped her hands to her nose and let out a not too audible, ARG CHOO. I saw the entire sneeze from beginning to end, and with all of that pre sneeze drama, I was hoping to see a gigantic sneeze. Funny thing, no one else at the table heard or saw her but me. I said "bless you," and she smiled.

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A librarian at a middle school I went to had the same type of sneeze. It drove me crazy! She would have long, teasing buildups similar to cartoon ones. The buildup would last 15 or 30 seconds, and then there was only a soft, feminine ashoo sound....

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Have to say that I am quite familiar with this phenomenon as a friend of mine has the most amazing pre-sneeze build ups... we are talking very girly fanning of the face, wriggling of the nose, announcing that she is going to sneeze and then when the sneezes come they are the quietest most adorable "door mouse" like sneezes. Its hard to describe but if you can imagine a very breathy, barely audible HISSCH followed by a very high pitched but very quiet CHOO then this is what her sneezes sound like. One of the amusing things about this is that everyone who hears her sneeze for the first time comments on "how cute" her sneezes are and I have to agree... not particularly arousing but really sweet to watch.

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