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Liberty Belle

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( I apologize in advance for the crazy slashes in this post -- I can\'t remove them until I get home tonight )

I\'ve created a Writer / Artist Pollyanna: a cooperative creative site where artists can submit \"blind\" illustrations for fetish writers to draw inspiration from, and where writers can submit scenes / stories / vignettes that artists can illustrate.

This is done on the \"kindness\" system, it is not a person-on-person trade. People can participate because they want to, for fun, without an expectation that they will receive something in return.

Right now I\'m taking requests for Creator Pages, and source material. On Friday the Creator Pages will all go live, and people will be able to start browsing the soruce material and submitting response stories or artwork.

There is plenty of FAQ-style information available on the site, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

The Pollyanna site is located at:


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