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Homecoming Dance Obs (f)


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just got back form homecoming dance. I was standing in a crowd in the center of the gym, and for some reason i looked over at Meredith. She is about 5' 2" with shoulder length brown hair, relatively thin, small nose, and eyes which are somehow always cutely squinted like she is crying. She seemed to be being bothered by the artificial smoke in the room. She twitched her nose a little, then scrunched up her face. She was obveously not comfortable sneezing in such a dense crowd. Finally she brought her hands up to her nose and bobbed forward, making an exteamly wet "cuhchssssss". It was so loud i could hear it over the blasting bass. She wiped her hands on her red satin dress, then imediatley jerked her wet hands away and looked to see if she had stained her dress. Then she went back to clasping hands with her date. She is not what you would call a "smoothe sneezer".

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