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Question about searching for YouTube videos


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I have a question for those of you who regularly search for videos on YouTube, as I do every day. Most of the time when you search for the word "Sneeze" or any other similar word, the videos that come up are videos with that specific word in the title or in the list of tags. My question is, does anyone know a way to find videos that have the word "sneeze" in the COMMENTS section, but not necessarily in the title of the video or the tag words?

I've noticed that some members have actually found videos where the word "sneeze" is only mentioned by someone commenting on the video. I don't understand how to find those videos. Can anyone tell me how it's done?

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Clockwork_orange is definitely the man you want for this question, my friend - I do think he's shared his secret before though (granted it may be buried in the depths of the Youtube thread or perhaps if you're lucky the "Continuing a Discussion from the Youtube Thread" thread).

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You need to ask clockwork orange. He's the most famous member here when it comes to doing this.


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I know of no way to search for words in the comments section -- but I agree that if anyone knows, it is clockwork_orange.

The only method I am able to use is to do a regular search for possibly sneeze-related items: allergies, snort, pepper spray... it gives you lots of uninteresting stuff, but you can find quite a few sneezes as well.

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Technically you can do this by going to Google and typing in the search box

sneeze site:www.youtube.com

The results will be a mixture where sneeze is in the title, description, or comments -- I don't know of a way to isolate it to just the comments.

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