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Caught in action?


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Has anyone ever been caught inducing at a public place or work/school and have to make up some weird excuse as to why you have a q-tip up your nose?? :omg: What are some of the excuses; if they are made up, real, funny whatever. What would you do in that situation?

I would say, "I inhaled something and I'm trying to get it out and its not working, instead its making me sneeze." (playing dumb) :)

However I don't induce in public.

This is just in case other members need excuses when this happens. :)

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:omg: yes... i have been caught inducing in public, both in the car, and at a concert... however, i just told them i was inducing for my friend who had a sneezing fetish :) which i was.... :)
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My mum once caught me inducing it was VERY embrassing but all i got was a telling off and tol to stop being silly :nohappy:

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I got caught once doing that in the break room at work, with one of those plastic zip-ties. The guy didn't say anything, kind of just gave me an odd look. Had he asked, I probably would have just said that it was stuck and I wanted it out. :D

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