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Harry Potter Fic I Found


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So, I was just doing random searches on ff.net and came across this fic. The Study of a Man I started cracking up after the first few sentences. In this fic, Harry sounds like he is one of us. :byewave: I wonder if the writer is one of us.

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That was hilarious and HOT...

:winkkiss: Someone said "Rob pattinson is totally hot!" in front of our History teacher...her response: "Would you please not talk about boys in such graphic terms!?"

Ehehehe...even the villian has a super graphically hot sneeze when described in this manner...

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Okay - who wrote this? :) None else than a true SF is able to visualise sneezes so detailed. I mean.. they were spelled out and everything!

Besides - a very good read! :lol:

I'm definately not a fan of all that Potter/Malfoy romantic stuff.. But the first part was great and very entertaining!

Still wanna know who wrote it and why it hasn't been published in the forum! :D

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I was laughing.

Well, I would have been, had I not been afraid of my mom bursting in and asking me what I was doing.

But it was HYSTERICAL.

Great find!

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