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I guess it's time for an introduction

Quills & Wells

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Hi. I like it here.

I am in college & like the city just fine, but am from the country. I love horses & i own a pinto named Brieae. I like good sneezes from both genders but esp male. Thats all i can think to say. I hope 2 make friends while I am here

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Welcome Endless! I'm in the same boat as you in that I'm from the country and had to travel to the city for school - it does eventually get easier, I think, but it's never quite the same (I still haven't gotten used to the black snow yet :D).

I'm glad you like the place during your month here, I know we definitely love having you ;) Feel free to dive in with an opinion on any thread that tickles your fancy - no need to be shy around us, we're like one big fetishistic family ;):)

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Welcome :D Has someone already offered cheesecake? If not, there's NY style, Oreo cheesecake and cranberry swirl on the table over there, just help yourself!

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*waves enthusiastically* hiya EndlessHitching!!!! welcome to the forum! i hope you've been enjoying everything (especially the cheesecake.... and the toads) by all means, pull up a spot on the couch, and makes yourself at home :yes:

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Thanks chui!

I love it here! Everyone is so warm & friendly. It feels almost like family. You can be yourself & no one minds your quirks. -end of rambling-

If only RL was like it is here :)

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Did someone say quirks?

*starts cheesecake fight*

Hello Endless!

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Careful now with that endless cheesecake. It may have been impregnated with pretty Japanese contract killers. If you hear any sneezing, duck!

Oh and ......Quack, quack.....before anyone else says it.

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I'd sneeze for you anytime.

All right, don't creep the newbs out please ;)

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