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Coming down with a cold


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Last night and today i have felt very sniffley and have been very sneezy and i feel a bit off,ive used loads of hankies ive been constantly blowing my nose over the last day :drool: So i decided to get out this morning and cheer myself up by going into town on a well needed hanky hunt :drool: I managed to pick up four classic hankies (50p each bargin) thick coloured borders with a plain white middle they are really nice and good quality for such a low price! Ive already used one of them,(red bordered one yum) a couple of sneezes into it and a few large blows but its ready for a wash now,so now im onto another new one with a brown border,maybe i needed more :drool:

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Your new hankies sounds nice, and I too hope you feel better soon. As nice as using your handkerchiefs is, the virus and general yuckiness of a cold is enough to put even me off blowing my nose!

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