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*walks slowly out of the shadows*


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Hi there,

I thought it was probably time for an intro. I've been lurking here for FAR too long. I figured it was probably time to jump on and share some of my own stuff, perhaps begin commenting rather than hiding. So here's to it. ;)


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Hi Misskiya

Where's Hank?

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Hey, welcome in ;) Don't hesitate to ask someone if you need help.

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Welcome, welcome, misskiya - that was certainly a dramatic enterance, what with emerging from the gloam of the shadows and all :bday: I'm sure you'll much prefer joining in, being able to share with the community carries with it a certain sense of pride that just feels so great.

Feel free to chime in and post anywhere you like, it's great to have new members join in and share their thoughts :wub:

Also, I think Liaeve sounds quite pretty (but then I'm also a sucker for original names :D)

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Welcome! There's cheesecake on the table and a nice comfy couch against the back wall :wub:

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*spies someone no longer lurking in the shadows*

hiya!!! welcome to the forum. we're glad you decided to stop lurking, and of course look forwards to your commentary :wub:

(enjoy the cheesecake too, Lynne's an awesome cook....and the couch is extra comfy, just mind the toads)

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Oh, hi! Nice to see another long-time lurker. :)

I, too, recently decided to step out of the shadows and make myself a useful member of the forum. I've been mostly hanging out in the stories forum, but I poke at the others as well.

Welcome aboard! I hear the cheesecake is delicious. ;)


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Count the shadows! There may be Vashta Nerada!

Um...oops. My inner Doctor Who geek overwhelmed me for a moment there.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'll start posting some fics here shortly, I just have to figure out where each one would go. Don't want to play the newbie game and go breakin a ton of rules. lol

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As long as you read the rules (which a surprising number of people haven't >.>) and don't do anything silly, you stand a very small chance of breaking them :laugh:

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