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I was in my 'communications' class at university and we were talking about conveying emotions through text and the resent escalation in the variety of emoticons, and it got me a thinkin'; Why don't we have sneezing emoticons here? There are heaps on deviantart, and while I'm not suggesting that we steal them, maybe we could find some somewhere.

The closest we have, in my opinion, are :angelsad: who looks like he's stifling, and :hug: who kinda looks pre-sneezey. I just wanted to raise the question and see if there was a reason we don't have sneezing emotions, or whether it's too time consuming to create them.

Also, my lecturer in the same class showed us a slide of 'old-school' emoticons and I noticed this guy :-~) who apparently is 'having a cold', but he seems pretty happy about it. lol. I though you guys might like him.

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I always sign off with that last one when I have a cold *LOL* If it's a really bad one, the emoticon gets a clown nose, like this:

: O~)

Be Safe!

/Tari : o~)

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OMG, I had the same exact thought yesterday!!! :laugh: I mean, we have loads of emoticons that are cute, but irrelevant, such as :) and :) Why not sneezing?

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The closest keyboard emoticon I know of is :-ÿ (I didn't invent it, I saw it somewhere but can't remember where.) Perhaps also :-ü ?

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