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Several essential clips that have been LOST!


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I'm searching for a number of clips that have been posted online in the past and now are no longer available. Suprisingly, I don't have these clips saved and neither does anyone else that I have been talking to! I am listing them below.

If anyone has any of them and can share them, or can tell me where to find them it would be appreciated. Even if you can just tell us the titles that would help.

A- In the Motherhood Bloopers in which Lea Remini sneezes. They are several different sneezes from outtakes that have all been edited together.

B- Any of the clips with that girl Denise who goes into mini sneezing fits. I think she may have been Mexican and I think she actually spelled her name like "Denisse".

C- Any of the Big Brother clips with that skinny blonde girl named Danielle who always tried to stifle her sneezes.

D- The video with the white man and (possibly) Filipino girl who are watching some kind of concert or outdoor show and the girl keeps sneezing every minute or so. 4 or 5 times in total. There's one part where the guy puts his arm around her and kisses her while she's building up to another sneeze. Her sneezes sound like coughs but the faces she makes are cute.

E- Any of Daystar's video clips.

F- A video thats legendary which is entitled "The Sneeze Attack" but is different from any of the sneeze attack videos that are currently on YouTube. Something like 40 to 45 sneezes from what I've heard.

G- Cameron Diaz sneezing in a movie called "Being John Malkovich" or something like that.

H- Nicole Kidman sneezing in a movie called "The Birthday" or something like that.


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I fear I have only bad news. Our longterm member Daystar took down her YouTube vids when she became all grown up and at a new university, and is unlikely to replace them[a real shame because they had a charm all their own, but her .wavs may still be chez Bondi].

And the Denisse vids were put up by our own WLF2226, who explained here that his model Denisse had asked him to take them down for privacy reasons, and again they are unlikely to be replaced. I think there are still a few stills of her floating around the fora.

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A reminder to anyone who maybe in posession of Daystar or WLF2226's clips that they should not be posted or advertised here without the express permission of the clip creator. Thank you :yes:.

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I saw a clip of a blonde Danielle from Big Brother sneezing just recently.

I'm not sure if its the right one.

What Country of Big Brother (US,UK..) and what season?

And ooooh, I'm keen on seeing D

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I want to make clear that at beginning Denisse agreed about posting her photos and videos, but she get married and wanted to take them down,

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