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Title: Work?

Author: me, LittleGoldfish

Type: it's original!

notes: ok this is pure cheese, so enjoy it with a cracker :laugh: i had a lot of fun writing this, and it's my first one! hee hee here it goes...

The phone next to her rang; the loud unexpected sound drilled her ears and startled her. It had been a dull afternoon with few customers on this reluctant Friday; shaking her head she picked up the phone. “Hello, you’ve reached CB Drugs this is Jen speaking.” She waited. First here was silence…then came the man’s voice, slightly raspy, powerfully deep and perfectly congested.

“Ohh, yes uuh. I needb an order to be <sniff> delivered to mby house. Can I gibve you the order?” Again he sniffed loudly and she could hear the faint lobs of heavy breathing on the other side. Her heart rate quickened, and she felt a cool rush flow throughout her body. “Oh man today just got pwnd!” Then she backed away from the counter and celebrated her good fortune with a silent but inspired “YES!” This afternoon just got so much better.

“Yes, I can take your order sir.” She responded kindly, smiling over the phone. As he started to give her the list, she drank in his terrible sounding disposition. Each word that fell from his mouth was thick and blocked, peppered with large gurgling sniffs. All she could do was mouth a weak “ok,” or “uh huh” occasionally as not to interfere too much with the struggle coming from the other side.

“okb, anb uh, <large sniff> Ugh. Holb on.” Jen leaned in. From the other end came the sound of a long ferocious blow. Apparently he had only set the phone on a table next to him or somewhere close because it was pleasantly audible. There was a shift as he picked it back up and wiped his poor nose, right into the phone! “Oh, what was he using?” She wondered, “hmm, his finger? Probably not…but, hee hee, men are kinda sexy when they are gross like that. I’m guessing a funky old tissue or napkin. But maybe, a handkerchief?” By now he has had about five good wet sniffs, and proceeded to order.

When the man was done he gave her his address. “oNe Oh two Blackstone, ghuuh,Way. Wait, I…I…needb…nee…” his voice trailed off for a second. “ahh…I..ahH Ima sne..sNE..huuh huuuH AHh CHoooooO!” Jen nearly dropped the phone. It was a crazy wet sneeze, right there just for her.

“Why don’t I own a recorder?” she thought. “Note to self, buy a recorder. Click!” She blushed; a bit embarrassed even though he couldn’t see her. She regained a light grip on the phone.

“Hmm! It’s ok, what else do you need?” Her voice was clam and sweet.

“Oh Godb, <incredible sniff> uh…uuh, <sniff> uhhh..!” His voice had gotten a bit higher due to the teasing tickle that now rumbled in his nose. The intake was intense and growing stronger. “Heh heh…huh huH….huh...ah ahh ahhh…” Jen nearly died.

Suddenly the tease stopped and a grand sigh of relief was breathed into the phone.

“Ohhh no! What the &^*%! UGH, you suck!” Jen smacked her forehead with her palm, dropping the pencil. “Goodness what a tease though!” Jen was now dying to speak. One last item.

“M-may-maybe you would like er, need some tea sir?” Her voice trembled lightly at first, but quickly regained its smooth tone; she hoped he didn’t notice. This was too good to be true.

“Ummb, heh, I yeah <sniff> ohkay. I thingk dhat’s it.” he managed, then proceeded with one last small stuffy sneeze into a tissue before he both apologized and thanked her for taking the order.

“Not a problem sir, I’ll have these delivered right away.”

“Thankgs, ooooh this cold id killink me.” He lamented.

Giggling slightly, Jen reassured him that he was going to be fine. She repeated the order back to him, pausing here and there, trying to catch some his labored breathing and constant sniffing before she hung up.

“Squeee!!” Jen shut her eyes real tight, she felt like jello. She wanted to take a minute to melt on to the counter top. After her excitement was somewhat quelled, she took her notes and moved out onto the floor; gathering the familiar items. There were several boxes of tissues, a bottle of this, a bottle of that, some pills for a headache and a box of tea in various flavors. Jen beamed when she put the tea in. “Well look at that!” she thought, “he’s got it all covered…and he even took my suggestion!” As she placed the items in a large paper bag, something dawned on her.

“Huh! After all that I forgot to get his name! Crap. I don’t even know who this person is.” Her posture fell a bit, she was disappointed in herself. Wait, this only added to the mystery she realized. “Hmmm…what fun this will be!” With everything gathered and her mission at hand, she burst out the door.

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Ooh. I like it! Keep it coming.


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This is such an interesting idea for a plot! I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before, which all on it's own has me intrigued. And the way you've described his voice and breathing is lovely. I do hope there's more! I'd love to see what might happen when Jen shows up with the delivery. I think I want to get to meet this poor sick miserably sexy man almost as much as she does! :winkkiss:

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Great Job!! I love it. Jen is sweet and just how I'd be. ♥

Haha! Yeah i kinda based Jen on myself (cuz it just easier to write that way), just kinda quirky and funny!

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Glad you guys liked it, and thanks for the feedback! Heheh i'll admit that I was very nervous about posting my first story ever!!! I'll try and finnish it soon, just gotta work out some plot details. >.>

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