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Been sick all week


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It started out with a really sore throat on Sunday night. Monday I had a meeting to go to and felt completely awful. Sore throat, headache, congestion, running nose. I hate blowing my nose in public, so I spent the entire meeting rubbing and swiping my finger under my nose. As soon as I got home I started blowing non stop. By Tuesday I added body aches and fever to my list of symptoms, and my voice had become really low and raspy. Wednesday, another meeting, thankfully I didn't have to speak at this one. I was also a lot more sneezy due to the wonderful mowers outside, and started coughing. Thursday, I was really dizzy and coughing constantly. I tried to eat more, since my appetite has been all but gone, but it didn't seem to help keep the room from spinning. Now it's Saturday. Yesterday I was finally starting to feel a bit better, so being the intelligent person that I am I rushed to get caught up on housework and even went out for a ladies night of pampering (which was awesome). However, just as every other time I get sick and then over work myself, I'm now curled up under two blankets with a fever, feeling freezing cold, with a box of tissues and a growing pile of used ones next to me. There''s a festival in town today that I was planning on going to. Now I"m not so sure.

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