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Perfectly Fragile


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Perfectly Fragile

You look at me through listless eyes,

Your pitiful, bleary stare rewarded;

I gladly offer you affection,

And sympathy both genuine and sordid

With your weak, hoarse voice you utter,

“I look a state- I’m a wreck, don’t you mind?”

When today, it’s as true as ever- or more,

Your beauty has no flaws for me to find

A smile and a sniffle has me rapt

Your long, defined nose tinged with pink

You rub it gently with your finger

Your eyes grow teary, flutter and blink

This captivates me further still

I brim with hope; should I even dare?

In suspense and silence, I watch, I wait

and, sure enough, your nostrils flare

You’re eyes drift off focus in concentration

Your lips begin to quiver and twitch

You’re eyebrows autonomously struggle in place

They contort and tense as you fight the itch

Your mouth stretches open with a quiet gasp

Your shoulders heave as your chest expands

Fitfully filling with each breath you snatch

Unsteadily, helplessly, you raise your cupped hands

With one last, loud, desperate intake of air

You throw your head back with eyes clenched tight

Your lips contort, your jaw tightens

Now, overpowered, you lose the fight

Your body is jolted with all-encompassing force

Air rushes from your lungs in a loud “AIHKTCHOO!”

Your lips and hands are peppered with moisture

I whisper in your ear, a sensual “Bless you”

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Wow, I like this. I like this a lot. I also think this is the first of its kind I have ever read. Very, very cool 8)

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Thanks Pearlised and Pilgrim :drool: Glad you like it. I think there are a few sneeze-related poems around the forum and there's a whole thread in Off Topic of really beautiful poetry (not fetishy stuff) from very talented writers.

Edited: unlike those very talented writers, I can't quite put a sentence together. Fixed now.

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:drool: Beautiful! Beautiful, and sexy...;P I don't normally like poetry, but this is amazing!
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Lovely poem!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :drool: It made me feel all wamr and fuzzy inside.

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Well, this is certainly a lovely thing to wake up and find! Mmmm... I wish more of my mornings started with beautifully descriptive and sensual sneezy poetry! .... *licks poem* Onomnom.

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Ah! Sordid sympathy. My very favourite kind! :P

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excellent! Let's hope more poetry will flourish .

Hmm, a possible connection to Dover Beach? No, perhaps not.

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thanks muchly :P (and feel free to lick)

excellent! Let's hope more poetry will flourish .

Hmm, a possible connection to Dover Beach? No, perhaps not.

If there is, it was accidental. I have very little no poetry knowledge, and I've never seen that one before. Skimming through it, the word "spray" did pop out at me though.

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