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Ok so before I get to the fic I just want to say that this is my first ever fic so please be nice! :blushing: I'm really embarresed in posting this but I thought I should at least try I guess, because I've been wanting to write a fic but have been kinda scared to, but here goes nothing.... please tell me what you think cause if it doesn't sound good I'm not even going to continue it. Even if this fic turns out bad I'll try to improve and write more fics. Oh! and I kinda need help with puncuation. :blushing: I'm really sorry if this isn't good.

By the way this is just something I spent like 5 minutes thinking of so yah.... oh and Joshua's bed is right by his window so he's able to look onto the outside world without moving from his bed.


Joshua James- A ten year old boy with blond hair, adorable baby blue eyes,. He is very close with his brothers Joseph and Alexander than any other of his other siblings. He is loud and loves to play pranks (especially on his other sibs) and loves to get in fights. He tries to act tough and act like he can handle anything and everything thrown his way, except when he's sick he turns into an adorable winy pouty baby (well when he want's to be) :laugh: He does not tolerate anyone bad mouthing his brothers. his sneezes are the really loud type, that attracts alot of attention. :laugh: His brothers love to baby him just to annoy him and call him Joshy.

Joseph James- a 19 year old college freshman with brown saggy hair and piercing brown eyes. He is also known as Jojo, Joey, or Jo by his siblings and friends and was adopted into the James family when he was 8. He cares about Joshua and Alexander more than anything in the world and does his best to protect them and make them happy. Is very popular and has many friends. he kinda has a little bit of the fetish, but not very much. He only likes certain types of sneezes (not very many) and loves pre sneeze faces. :D he has a glasses fetish.

Alexander James- A 15 year old highschool freshmen with blond hair and sea blue/green eyes and square black glasses. He is a very shy, intelligent, and quiet person and is very close to his siblings. He also has low self esteem and does not stick up for himself. he looks kind of week because he is skinny and kinda nerdy (think cute nerdy) but he is actually quiet strong. When he is around his brothers he is more confident and social than he is at school or anywhere else. He loves Joshua and Joseph more than anything and does his best to make them proud of him. He considers his brothers as his best friends and will not let anyone hurt them. While he can not stick up for himself he can stick up for his brothers. he get's sick easily and He is known as Alex, Al, or Aly by his brothers. oh and Alexander has the fetish! XD :twisted: :twisted: he really loves the fetish and induces sneezes from his allergies all the time.

Today was a beautiful day, outside the sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and the birds were chirping their own happy little tune. The weather had never been so beautiful and inviting.All of the neighborhood kids were out having the time of their lives, laughing and playing, but one little boy was not. Nine year old Joshua James watched through his bedroom window as all of the kids ran past smiling and laughing. Joshua was stuck inside his room with a really bad case of the flu, resulting in a high fever, horrible cough, and a very stuffy nose. "why did I have to get sick today of all days?" young Joshua wondered. Joshua was so obsorbed in watching the kids outside that he failed to notice that someone had come into his room. "Hey Joshy. how are you feeling?" his older brother asked. "bot bood dodo.... Die don't feel bood!" (Not good Jojo.....I don't feel good!) he replied pouting. "Poor Joshy! do you want me to bring you anything?" he exclaimed, but before he was given an answer Josh suddenly brought his cupped hands out from under his blanket and brought them to his face as his nostrils flaired violently.... "he.he.he. Hetshoo! hetshoo! hetshoo! he.he.he HETSHOO!!" "sniff sniff" "dissues?" Josh aksed while keeping his hands in front of his nose and mouth. Jojo went over to his brother tissue box in hand and sat down next to him. "Bless you Joshy." as he said this Jojo grabbed a tissue from the box and placed it over his little brothers nose. "Blow" he instructed. "Dot A Baby!" Josh exclaimed as he took the tissue from his brothers hand and turned away in order to blow his nose. "haha he's embarresed!" Jojo thought but was soon interrupted from his thoughts by a sound that sounded alot like hitching....comming from his little brother. "he.hetchoo. he hetcoo. hetchoo hetchoo hetchoo hetchoo!! He he.he.HETCHOOOOO!" Jojo jumped at his brothers last sneeze, it was so powerful and it looked like it really hurt "Jeez Joshy!! bless you! are you trying to blow the whole house down with your sneezes?" Josh looked at his brother and gave him the most powerful glare he could manage in his current state, which didn't result in much, except for Jojo laughing hysterically.

Ok so that's all I'm going to do for now but if I do continue I'll introduce Alex into the story and some other characters. and maybe get someone else sick. :twisted: please please tell me what you think, but be nice. It's my first fic. :pyth:

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this sounds really pomising :pyth:

i like the caretaking of the elder brother :twisted:

don´t be embarrassed! though it´s your first fic i like your writing style :twisted:

no need to worry there will be always ppl who love to read newcomers fics ^^

please more i´m excited what willl happen next! :twisted:

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This is so cute so far! The relationship between the brothers is so adorable. Plus they're all interesting characters individually. :pyth:

Also I love when characters have the fetish. You should definitely continue this!

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Thank you both soooooo much! you have no idea how happy that makes me! :twisted::pyth: I'll try to update as soon as I can.

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ok so apparently I couldn't wait. It's like my brain won't stop giving me ideas! :laugh: I put some emoticons in here so you can see how the characters are feeling at certain points. hope you like it. contains mentions of abuse but I don't think it's 18 and up. I gave my characters their own thoughts and wrote in their own point of view. I don't know if I'll write in their point of view for every one but we'll just have to see how it turns out I guess. please review!

More about some of the Characters

Alexander James- allergic to cats, dogs, (anything with fur or dander), dust, grass, pollen, feathers, perfume/cologne, mold, and certain air freshner sprays such as Febreze and Glade, scented candles, as well as some food allergies. He loves to make himself sneeze and will even go so far as to go near things he is deathly or highly allergic to such as cats and dogs. He is constantly finding new stuff that will make him sneeze. With him going near alot of the stuff he is allergic to along with Aley not having a very good immune system his brother Joseph a.k.a Jojo worries for him constantly. His sneezes are usually very quiet but if he's near an allergen for too long the sneezes start getting louder and more desperate. The only ones who know about his fetish are his family and two of his brother's best friends. When he gets nervous he studders and his low self confidence is one of the results of his older sister and father's abuse on him. Is very talented but doesn't realize it and is also very smart but doesn't act like it sometimes...especially when going near stuff he's allergic to in order to induce sneezes gets too out of hand. ;)

Joseph James- Allergic to dust,pollen. certain perfumes, and cats. Unlike Alexander he does not like going near allegens especially cats. He has a very over active imagination which leads him to worry about his brothers more. He is very understanding and very passionate.

Joshua James- Allergic to pollen, dust, and grass. He constantly worries about Alexander and Joseph.

Minor Characters

Samantha James- A 17 year old junior in high school with blond hair and blue/green eyes. She is a girly girl and absolutley cannot stand sneezing, stuttering, or her little brother Alexander.She does not like Joshua very much either but she can at least in her words "tolerate the little bugger." She is not really close to any member of the family and she is known to snap at them for even the slightest things, resulting in many fights within the family. She loves making Alex feel worthless and hits him.

Nathaniel James- Joseph, Samantha, Alexander, and Joshua's father. He is very strict and does not like his family showing weakness in any way especially in the matters of crying, illness, and sneezing. He is especially strict with Alexander and Joshua. He is not home very often and usually away on business. He is abusive to Alex and Josh. He thinks of Samantha as his little princess that can do no wrong.

Thomas Andrew Northerton-An 18 year old senior with black hair and brown eyes. He is one of the most popular guys at school and his mission is to make every kid's life who is not part of his inner circle a living hell. He is the bully of all bullies! He especially loves picking on Alexander. Alot of people are afraid of him including most of the teachers. people call him Tom.

Alexander's POV

heishoo. heishoo. ishoo. ishoo. ishoo. sniff.sniff. Today was the worst day of my life! first while I was at the library studying for a really important test comming up some kid spills his soda all over my papers and books resulting in everything being completly ruined! the kid didn't even say sorry or excuse me or anything! how rude! I mean I may be shy and quiet but I am not invisable! :angry: of course me being my insecure self I didn't say anything, and tried my best to dry everything off. :lol: When I packed my now soiled books back into my backpack I remembered that I was exposed to pick some stuff up for my little brother Joshy, we found out this morning that he was sick, and on such a beautiful day too, poor little guy. :( So an hour and a half later I finally got to the store and as I was checking out I realized that I didn't have my wallet and must have left it at the library. OH JUST PERFECT!! Not only that but I left my cell phone at home so I couldn't just call for Jojo to come and help me pay for all of this stuff. I put all of the medicine, boxes of tissues, decongestants, etc back on their proper shelves and then left the store. Then I had to walk all the way back to the library and of course who do I find at the library of all places and with my wallet non the less? Non other than the baine of my existance Thomas Northerton. Tom gave me such a hard time! he made me try to jump for my wallet while holding it just out of my reach

and started taunting me. It was really annoying! When he finally got sick of his stupid little game he actually punched me, right in the stomach and no one did anything! the librarian saw the whole thing and didn't do anything! :pissed: I mean seriously? In the end I never did get my wallet back. :( On my way home I ran into my sister Samantha who hates the air I brethe. "What are you doing here you little twerp?" she asked. "n..nnnothing" I replied, ahhhh this is so not the time to studder! stuttering was my biggest mistake. she looked like she was going to kill me! :laugh: after she yelled at me and basically told me I was nothing she finally left. :D I walked a few feet further while thinking about what my sister had said. It really hurt and I couldn't stop myself from releasing some of the pent up tears. After a few seconds I "got ahold of myself" as my father would have said and rubbed my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt. I start walking again and end up getting lost in my thoughts once again, when suddenly I'm startled back to reality by this metal trash can falling over with a loud crash.... I stop and listen again and hear a meow! come from the alley way.... Interesting.... ;) I go into the alley way and find an adorable black cat with piercing black eyes. as I get closer I feel an itch in my nose and it's getting stronger! yes! I then came to the realization that I was going to sneeze! I love sneezing! "he.heishh. he.ish. he.ish ishoo isho ishoo. ish. ish. he.he.he ishoo" I start getting closer and just explode with even more sneezes "heishoo heishoo ishoo ishoo ishoo ishoo ishoo" and I just keep on sneezing! I bend down and start petting the cat, suprisingly with all of the sneezing I'm doing the cat isn't afraid of me. I suddenly start realizing that with all of the sneezing It's getting harder and harder to breathe...... CRAP!!!! Maybe it wasn't so smart to go near something I'm deathly allergic to?

Joseph's POV

Joshua fell asleep at like 9am this morning and has woken up a couple times and then went back to sleep again. Aly hasn't been home since 6am and it is now..... *looks at clock* 6:30pm! where is he?! is he ok? did he get lost? is he hurt? I'm so freaking out right now! all of these images are coming into my head right now! is he....no... he can't be....dead...no! "Dodo?" Joshy asks. suddenly my attention is brought out of my thoughts and back on Joshy. "yes Joshy?" I reply. I wait till he is done blowing his nose for about the billionth time today " Are you ok? and where is Aley? he should've been home by now." he asks me his voice still thick with congestion. "I don't know. I'm going to go look for him. will you be alright on your own? I really don't want to leave you but I have to... to make sure he's....he's.. ok...."

That's all your gettin for now. :) please review. haha will Alex be ok? ally ways are dark and could someone be lurking in the alley? Will Jojo find him? find out later. oh and this second part came to me in like 5 minutes! lol but it took forever to type! haha stupid laptop.

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