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Timothy and Alicen


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La la la. Everyone's doing it!

This is sort of an introduction to their relationship, from Alicen's POV. It's pretty vague on a few things, I think, but that's what makes it so exciting to me. More about their situations will be revealed as more drabbles are written.

There isn't a lot I want to reveal... probably because I haven't decided on a lot of things yet. But! I can tell you what you need to know. And that would simply be their appearances.

Alice is short with a thin physique and a dark, vintage-style wardrobe. Her hair is black and cut so that it stops at her chin. She has a pale ivory complexion and large dark eyes.

Tim's tall and thin with long limbs and peachy skin. Light and shaggy hair. Green eyes, dark eyelashes.

They are in their late teens.

Personalities, likes, dislikes, hobbies, living arrangements will all be discovered as you read, because I'm too lazy to decide what I want them to be now. I am lazy.


I was never really one for mushy romantic stuff, like couples calling each other “baby” and talking to each other twenty-four seven. I’d had several boyfriends whom I was very fond of – but that was just it; it was a fondness. I wasn’t romantically attracted to them. I didn’t get excited when I was about to see them, and I wasn’t thinking about them constantly. I just didn’t understand what that could feel like.

I had always valued my independence – I believed that having a boyfriend would be nice, but it wasn’t necessary.

My world seemed to have shifted when I met Tim. I even started using clichés, like “my world shifted”. Some part of me – a part I didn’t know existed – emerged, and it made me feel so happy. Really indescribable. Things I hadn’t considered doing before began to come naturally to me, instead, like instinct. This became especially apparent one Friday afternoon in October, while we were watching a movie in my living room.


“Bless you!” The words tumbled out of my mouth, sounding amused and enthusiastic with the slightest lacing of concern. They tasted new and unfamiliar on my lips; I hadn’t ever acknowledged anyone’s sneezing before.

“Thank you,” he replied instantly, his tone grateful with a hint of amusement to match mine.

And I felt warm, in the most comfortable way possible.


Again, sorry! It's really vague, and only one sneeze. But... but it's just an introductory drabble. What do you think? More?

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Thank you, glowstick03! I am planning to. :cold2: Here's another quick one, which I am planning on continuing. It probably seems super generic, but it's more of a set up, I think. Tell me if you like it!


“Hey!” Alice greeted with a bright smile before jumping into her boyfriend’s arms. Really, she jumped.

And Tim caught her, spun her around, and set her down before answering, “Hey.”

She walked with him to his locker; describing to him the dream she’d had the night before. Alice often did this – talked about her dreams. Although she considered the possibility that her vocal illustrations were hard to follow and that her dreams were really only interesting (or even understanding) to her, she would recall them every morning because that was what Tim liked for her to do. He liked to listen.

When she was finished with her tale, Alice said, “There’s like, forty-five minutes before either of us has a class. Do you have homework?”

Tim cleared his throat and gave the contents of his locker a once-over. “Um. No, I don’t think so. I have a math test second period; maybe I should study for that.”

“Hmm,” Alice looked contemplative. She wrapped an arm around his waist. “No, you don’t need to. You’re good at math, right? You’ll be fine.”

That was what she always told him. You’ll be fine.

“You’re pr… probably right—t’CHhh! HahtCHHzhOo!”



“Bless you!”

“Thank you.”

Alice liked the way he buried his face in his shirtsleeve when a sneeze snuck up on him so suddenly, like he was scrambling to contain it. The others were covered by his shirt collar, which Tim always buried his face in when he had some sort of warning.

“Are you feeling okay?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he answered, followed by a couple of sniffles. “Just sneezing.”

“You’re not getting sick?”

Alice saw his cheeks redden, which wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for Tim.

“You’re blushing,” she pointed out.

He smiled, looking sheepish. “Oh. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry! It’s cute. Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Aww. Bless you!”

“Thank you. HhhuhhhCHHuh! I’b fide, dond’t worry.”

“You sound stuffy,” she pointed out, grabbing his hand and leading him to the library.

More sniffling. “Probably just a cold,” Tim waved off.

“I think so,” Alice confirmed, stopping at a bench near the front offices to sit down. She wrapped an arm around him and asked, “How does your throat feel?”

“It’s fine,” Tim answered, and his girlfriend shot him a look that said she was unconvinced. “A little scratchy, I guess.”



“Aww, honey,” Alice cooed, “you shouldn’t be at school, then.”

After a short bout of coughing, Tim reminded her, “But I have a test.”

“Take it when you’re feeling better.”

“Don’t worry. It isn’t that bad.” He paused, and then pulled his collar over the lower half of his face. “Hah-tCHHshh!”

“Bless you, baby.” Alice frowned. “Your cheeks are still red.” She slid her hand underneath his bangs and pressed her palm to his forehead. Tim hummed quietly and leaned into her touch.

“You feel warm. I’m taking you home.”



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Ooh, I like it!!! I LOVE the concerned significant other!!! It makes me melt. Especially when the other tries to deny sickness at first, too. I'd love to see more ^_^

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Darling, darling, darling. I adore you. You are my one and only love. ^_^:D I would love anything you write, but this is great. Pure love. :twisted:

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