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I was wondering what you have to do in order to be a member on here and move away from pending and such. Is it an amount of posts? Frequency? Or just amount of time from when a person starts?

Also, I would like to post something of a poll I suppose for a story I'm writing, but I don't know if I would post such a thing in the Stories forum or General Discussion, or somewhere else entirely.

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Hi Silence. There are no hard and fast rules regarding when people get through the full validation. It's at the discrection of the higher staff (Lynne and HoL), who will have a look through all the pending members periodically to assess them ... and how long it takes depends upon posting history. There are some guidelines here but do remember it's discretionary, not automatic.

As for your poll or query, probably the best place would be here. That's where discussion topics about the Stories, Artwork and Obs would normally go, unless of course, it's a related fetish for example, in which case it should go on that board.

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On a side note... you can't make polls until you've been fully validated. :) But I'd suggest the Stories, Observations and Art board itself would be the perfect place to post a poll about a story. :drool: Good luck!

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