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Yay! I have not been able to write in forever. Anywho, this is part 1...I have already written part 2 and 3 but I want to see if this sounds good to anyone. Please let me know. There will be more character description in part 2 but for now this is just the start. Feel free to message me if there is any h/c or sneezing situation you would like to see. I'd love to write it in.



Part 1

I should be studying. I should have my head in a book and be memorizing all of the ins and outs of biology, chemistry and physics. Should be. Ehhhuhk-shoo! But I’ve doing that.

“Bless!” my over joyous roommate sets down a cup of tea on my bedside table and then beelines for the door of our dorm room. “I have class until 3 and then I’ll come back and check on you. Try not to die or germ up the place too much will ya?” He smiles sympathetically and then leaves.

I feel feverish…that icky cold and sweaty feeling that courses through your entire body and makes you want to moan when you move, zaps your energy and makes you cry for your mommy.

“Get up, Fish!” My door slams open and I almost curl up even further from the excruciating pain it sends through my temples. “Haha! You should’ve seen the look on your face! You totally forgot you were a senior for a split second. I thought you were gunna jump up and salute me!” My so-called best friend, Nikki. Her uniform outlines her beautiful figure as she has to sit at my desk to keep from falling over while she’s laughing at me.

“Please go away,” I mumble rolling over and facing the wall. She’s not the caregiving type. More the sadistic type. The first years, or the “fish”, call her ‘Evil Bitch’ behind her back and call her ‘Miss Evil Bitch’ to her face. How did I get so blessed to have such a wonderful friend, you ask? It can’t be helped. When you are stuck with the same 35 people for four years going through a military academy, everyone becomes a friend or you don’t survive.

I cough harshly into my hand, and then cup both hands over my nose and mouth as I sneeze two rapid hehhh-eptshhhhu HUHHHUH’EKSHOO!! I blindly reach for tissues, grateful they are where I left them, and blow my nose. I feel my cheeks flush from the embarrassment.

“Want some water?” Her normally loud and obnoxious voice is actually quiet and sincere. “Well, don’t look at me like I’ve grown three heads, it’s a yes or no question.” I see the temper flaring behind her eyes.

“No. I want to go to sleep.” I close my eyes.

“Then, go to sleep.” She opens the door and leaves.

Staring at the door, my foggy brain tries to understand what just happened. ‘She’s mad at me for being sick?’ I shrug and then allow sleep to take me.

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Oooh sounds cute so far! :) The main character sounds yummy, and Nikki seems really interesting.

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Part 2

I wake to the sound of the Fish yelling “Officer on deck!” Oh god! I’m in shorts. I jump up trying to run to my trunk to get at least a T-shirt on but feel the floor rushing to meet me as I steady myself with the bed table. Hearing one knock and then the all too familiar turn of my doorknob knowing the Colonel is about to walk in and give me physical training orders for the sophomores, I pop to attention, shorts and all.

“Cadet Willis,” the Colonel lowers his salute so I can lower mine.

“Sir,” I feel the tickle in my nose jump to attention as well. ‘No, no.’ I scold myself.

“What is the PT plan for the sophomores tonight?”

“12 mile ruck march, Sir. I’m trying to get them ready for the Bloody Cross run they have in two weeks…hehhh…” I slam my tongue to the roof of my mouth trying to hold off the sneeze that is threatening its way to the front of my nostrils.

“Very well. How are your studies?” The Colonel sits at my desk.

“Going wehhh…hehhh…well, Sir,” the Colonel looks away for a moment long enough for me to quickly scrub my nose with my fist and go back to standing at attention.

“Good.” I could feel the Colonel’s stare. “Keep up the good work,” he stood up and walked painfully slow toward my door. The sneeze I had managed to hold back was intensifying, and felt like at any moment I would lose it in front of my commanding officer. I felt the blush on the back of my neck spread up to my ears as I dread the possibility of sneezing in front of him. Heh…ehhh..ihhh… ‘Please, no,’ I begged and begged mentally. The sneeze backs off for a moment, leading me to believe I might have actually won this battle, but alas…so not the case.

The Colonel put his hand on the door knob…’so close…’ “On second thought, Willis…” hehhhuh’igsxt! HuhhUH’IGXT! Hehhh..ihhh…HUHHHH-ISKSHHHH! I sneezed turning away from the Colonel and trying to stifle by pinching my nose between my finger and thumb but failing miserably as the last one was too strong. “Just get some rest. Let Cadet Corso know you’re out of commission for a few days.” Gone. I stood there. Oh…Em…Gee. I was so embarrassed. Not only was I going to have to turn over to second in-command, but it was Nikki, annnnnnd I had just sneezed in front of my highest ranking officer.

Completely mortified, I crawled back under the covers and contemplated holding my breath until it was my last.

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This sounds really good so far so hope you continue! poor guy! thanks for writing this! :)

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