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laura 25 years old, lives on her own, and works during the week, but also suffers with horriificly bad hayfever.

She had woken up Monday morning, with streaming and puffy eyes and itchy, streaming nose. She had got herself out of bed, and had already sneezed 4 times on the way to the bathroom. She needed to blow her nose, She pulled a tissue out from the box in the bathroom and gave her nose a strong blow. Afterwards she pulled another one out and this time tried even harder to try and clear her nose. She got dressed and went downstaris and turned the TV on before she went to work, she sat down and blew her nose again and sighed. She knew it was going to be a tough day. Before she went to work, she went back upstairs to the bathroom, ripped off some toilet paper, and 'hashooooooooo', the sneeze had been waiting for ages, she then gave her nose another strong blow.

She got into work that morning, sat at her desk, and gave her nose a strong blow straight away. She had been working for 20 minutes, sniffling and rubbing her nose and eyes vigorously, sneezed a few times, when she left to go to the bathroom. She got in there and blew her nose very forcefully.

carry on??

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part 2:

She got back to her desk, her eyes were streaming, and her nose was red, but she needed to blow her nose again, she grabbed a tissue blew her nose, really trying to clear it. For the next 15 mins her eyes streamed and she let them stream, until she blew her nose again, and wiped her eyes. She sat there dabbing at her eyes most of the morning. She got up to go to the filing cabinet, but had to blow her nose on the way, as it was still streaming.

She went for her lunch break, when she got back 40 mins later, she gave her nose a good strong honk, and started working again. Throughout the afternoon, she had been sneezing and sneezing, she had to excuse herself and go to the bathroiom while she was there she gave her nose a good blow, and relle worked hard trying to clear her nose.

Later that afternoon, she got home, with streaming red puffy eyes, and streaming red nose, she got home went to her bedroom, grabbed more tissue and gave her nose a strong honk. She got changed and went into the bathroom, where she had to blow her nose again, and she really relaeased snot into the tissue. She got a book and sat outside, although she was suffering it was so hot, she had been outside, 10 mins when she, puuled out a tissue and gave her nose a strong wet blow. every 5 mins, she kept blowing her nose, and sighing. In the end, she went to the bathroom, blew her nose again and splashed some water over her face. She walked downstairs, wiping her nose with more tissue.

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part 3:

She got into the kitchen and gave her nose a honk, her nose was bright red and sore. She spent a little time downstairs but needed more tissue, she went to the bathroom, got a tissue and blew her streaming nose, and spent a while wiping her nose, and dabbing at her eyes. She went back downstairs got a drink, and sighed, she had to blow her nose again, she gave it a good honk, sighed and rubbed her nose hard. Over the next hour or so, she kept blowing her nose and wiping her eyes. She went outside to sort out her washing that she had hung out there. While she was out there, she kept sniffling, and blew her nose, snot filled the tissue, and she sniffled again. She was so aggravated by the constant need to blow her nose, she sat there and did it again, and groaned, her hayfever was driving her crazy. Later on that evening, she went upstairs and grabbed some tissue and blew her nose again.

She decied to sit in her room, and watch her TV, blew her nose and layed down. Her nose just streamed and streamed, and she just wiped it with a tissue and rubbed her itchy red eyes. She had to get up to go the toilet, while she was there, she gave her nose another honk, and her nose had turned bright pink. She sat in her room througout the evening, allergic tears flowing down her face and she was getting worse as the evening went on.

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part 4:

The next morning she woke up, and gave her nose a snotty honk, and sighed. She reached for another tissue and blew her nose, she could tell her hayfever was going to be bad again, today. An hour later, she started to drive to work, as she was driving, she could feel mucus starting to stream from her nose, she had to pull over, she grabbed 5 or 6 tissues, wiped her nose and then blew it, her hayfever was gonna b bad today. 20 mins later she had to got to her work desk, and straight away she had to blow her soggy nose. She had been sitting for about 20 mins, sniffling and sneezing, when she reached for more tissue and blew her nose again. Thorughout the morning she kept constantly sneezing, and her nose streamed, and streamed, so much that her tissues were only lasting one blow. During her lunch break, she went to her car, and grabbed a hanky, to use, as she thought it may last longer, she got back to her desk, and gave her nose a honk. She kept constantly blowing her nose, as her hayfever got worse as the day went on.

At about 3 o'clock she had to go home, she was in a state, when she got home, she sat on the sofa, and gave her nose a loud honk, and groaned. She reached for a box of tissues, pulled one out and blew her soggy nose again. She contiuned to give her nose a honk, for a long time. Suddenly 4 mins later, she let out 8 wet sneezes, and gave her nose another honk. She got another hanky, and used that. This released, 14 more wet sneezes, she was left in a mess, her eyes were flowing, and her hanky was getting wet, she dried her eyes, and gave her nose another honk. Her nose was bright red, and she was running out of tissues and hankies. 10 mins later, she released 16 increaibly wet sneezes, and sighed, she had to blow her nose again, her nose was starting to hurt. She went upstairs to the bathroom, while she was there, she blew her nose again. She got downstairs and blew her nose again, she couldnt believe how bad her hayfever was today. Her nose streamed all afternoon, and she blew her nsoe constantly.

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