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Just another day at the office

Guest dalecoglan

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Guest dalecoglan

Well this is going to be my first official post not including my introduction. After spending so many years just taking from the site, I honestly feel like a have a dept to pay. So I thought I try my hand at this. I think I'm gonna set up Wav/Vid Youtube aswell, but all in good time..Anyway(Deep breath)..


The sound echoed, round the dusty badly lit second floor hellhole the Erik Turner called his living, his 6.50 an hour, dead end mind numbing place of 5 day a week existence. This wasn't how it was meant to be at 22 years old, at least in his mind, he always thought he could have made more of himself, he could have been somebody.

He took a brief look up from the mindless data imputing he loved oh so much to have a quick glance around the other desks but just saw a blank array of faces that were just counting down the seconds till 4pm like him. For as long as he known he'd known he'd always been turned on by female sneezing, hell it was one of the only reasons he took this office job in the first place, hot young 20 somethings struggling with their colds and allergies. He was going to be a sympathetic ear. Things rarely ever work out that perfect though, of the very few attractive women in his department, none had any allergies he knew of and were barely ever sick. A sneeze just didn't fill him with that much excitement because he had grown to be disappointed before in this same position...but still he had too look.

Trying not too look overly strange he had a quick glance around the room but saw or heard nothing else, his head hit the table and let out what was most likely a far too loud sigh but he didn't care anymore. He decided he was going for an early lunch, it was June maybe he'd get lucky and get a good observation on the walk past the park to the bakery. Steak Pie 12.30, 6 weeks on the trott.

He'd piled up his paperwork, saved his files when..Hestch..Hetchoo, HASHOOO, the last sneeze had a girly sound of anguish to it. He wheeled round his computer chair as fast as he could to see Michelle, the 23 year old redhead whom was at least in his opinion gorgeous but normally sneeze free.

He had too he just had too, he mustered up every last bit of confidence he had.

"Hey Michelle, you fancy some lunch"

She sniffed..paused....Hetcgh. a forcefull sneeze into a tissue already in her right hand...sighed.

"Sure I'd love too" she smiled and replied.

Anybody for a part two? I'll nervously wait for response haha

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Definitely up for a part two! Sneezes in a boring office are a thing of beauty :byewave: Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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