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The Experiment


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"Hustchooo!""Bless you." Amy said as she walked into the living room.


Amy smiled as she sat down next to Tyler on the couch. She rested her head against his shoulder and he rapped his arm around her. As they snuggled together watching TV, Tyler felt a tickle building in his nose. He quickly moved his arm from around Amy and cupped his hands around his mouth. " Hahtschooo! Huhtschooo!"

"Bless you." Amy repeated. Tyler smiled and pulled Amy close to him. He tried to cuddle with Amy, but the need to sneeze took over him once more. " Hatschooo! Atschoooo!"

Amy looked at him with concerning eyes.

" Are you okay ?"

" Yeah I'm fine," Tyler responded" Why?"

" Because you've been sneezing like crazy all day."

" Just something in the air I guess." Amy didn't look convinced but Tyler smiled and her harsh stare lightened. They continued to watch TV, but Tyler's nose wouldn't leave him alone. He tried to hold them back but it didn't work. " Hu... Hu... Hu... Hutschooo! He... Hetschooo! Hatschewww!"

" Alright that's it," Amy got up and stood in front of Tyler, arms folded across her chest. " You're sick."

" Am not!" Tyler protested.

" Then why do you keep sneezing?"

" I don't know," Tyler said innocently. " I think I'm allergic to something here."

" What are you allergic to?" Amy asked with a confused look on her face. " Like I said, I don't know." They both looked around for a moment.

" I know," Amy blurted out. " We can expirement to see what you're allergic to."

" Um okay." Tyler said hesitantly. It didn't seem like a bad idea, but he had no idea what was in store for him.

* Should I continue? :D *

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Should you continue? yes!!!! of course you should! this sounds really good so far, I'm looking forward to more if you continue it. thanks so much for writing this. :laugh:

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Yes yes yes yes!! Please!! lOve the scenario of sneezy boys in denial!! OMG!! ♥♥♥ :wub: :wub: ♥♥♥

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Thanks for the comments :mellow: Here's the 2nd part


Amy led Tyler to her room and sat him down on her bed.

" Stay here."

Amy left the room and returned momentarily, holding several items in her hands. She spread them out on the bed and Tyler examined each one. There was a duster, some of Amy's perfume, a pepper shaker, her new kitten Max, and a daisy from the bouquet of flowers sitting on the kitchen table.

" Lets start with my perfume."

She picked up the small, pink glass bottle and sprayed it all around Tyler. They sat there for a moment until Tyler felt a small tickle in his nose, causing him to cup his hands over his mouth and nose.

" Huhtschooo!"

" I don't think that's it." Amy reported. She set the bottle down and picked up her kitten, Max. He meowed and Amy stroked him gently. She stuck him right up under Tyler's nose and he sniffed him all over. Tyler handed the small fur ball back to Amy. This time, his nose didn't event itch. Amy scratched cats off her mental list and moved on to the next item. She picked up the duster and practically shoved it up Tyler's nose. He took in a deep breathe. Amy moved the duster away from Tyler's slightly irritated nose and waited anxiously for his sneezes to come out. Tyler sat there, his eyes half closed and his mouth hanging open. The dust definitely tickled his nose and it was barely enough to fuel a sneeze.

" Ha... Ha... Ha... Hatschooo! He... He... Hetschooo!"

Amy contemplated on wether or not ti cross dust off the list so she just set it aside. Next, she picked up the pepper shaker. Tyler was a little unsteady because he knew that sniffing pepper always burned. She poured some into his hand and he sniffed it nervously.

" Hu... Huhtschooo! Hatschooo! Atschoooo!"

Amy handed him a tissue and he blew his nose, trying to get all the pepper out.

" Do you think it's pepper?"" Nah," Tyler blew his nose again. " Everyone gets set off by pepper."

Amy gave him a ' true true' look before picking up the last item; the flower. Amy handed him the flower and Tyler inhaled deeply, thinking that it would have no effect, but he was wrong. The effect was almost instantaneous.

" Hatshewww! Aachoooo! Hatschooo! Huhtschooo!" Hetschooo! Aatschewww! Hetschewww! Ha... Hatschooo!"

He tried to catch his breath after the intense fit but his irritated nose wasn't done yet.

" Aachooo! Atschewww! Hatschooo!"

" I think we found what you're allergic to." Amy said in a slightly commical tone.

" You bink?" Tyler retorted.

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