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A little sidebar to my fetish


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So, as everyone knows by now, I have a HUGE fetish for women blowing their noses. Well, another sidebar fetish is that of tissues. Not sure why, just an extension of it I guess. Anyways, I've been blowing my nose practically all morning. It started off kinda productive, sounding very gurgly and juicy with a few of them. I would be grabbing one white Ultra Soft Kleenex tissue, folding it over my nose, then blowing one side at a time, then the other. I would start off kinda soft and first, then harder, even getting some good honks in there. With a few blows, I would even get some snot in my hands. I know, gross, right? The discharge is all clear, so that's good, right? Well, I went to Target and bought some Puffs Plus with Lotion tissues. I absolutely LOVE those tissues! They're so soft on my nose!! Well, I currently have a brown cube box of Kleenex Ultra Soft white tissues in the bathroom, and I really want to replace that box with a green colored cube box of Puffs Plus with Lotion white tissues. So, to do this, I am using 3 of those Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues with each blow. I usually fold the tissues before I blow my nose, but for these, I am keeping the tissues open, and blowing into them, then folding over, blowing again, then folding it over and blowing again!! There's not too much coming out, but I just really can't wait to use those Puffs tissues to blow my nose, so I am trying to get through the Kleenex box as fast as I can. Hold on, gotta sneeze........ACCHOOOO! Sorry, gotta blow my nose. Not getting anything out except some dry honks, but the 3 Kleenex tissues are soft, but not as soft as Puffs Plus though. Good news.....that was the last of the Kleenex tissues! :byewave: I now get to open a new box of Puffs Plus! Does anyone think that this is weird to have this sidebar to this fetish?


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