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I've been lurking for sooo long...


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Hey, there! I'm Awesome Galaxy, and I am so very delighted to be a part of the forum now! :biggrinsmiley:

Kay, so a bit about me:

I <3 sneezes---as we all do---but definitely NOT my own. I only enjoy male sneezes, but I don't mind writing female fiction if anyone would want it. I intend to be a novelist, as writing is my passion. Though I can usually only get fanfiction completed with ease. Hrrrrmmm, my three favorite things are South Park, sneezes, and God (though not in that order :laugh: ). But, yeah, I just really wanna have a blast here and be able to finally express my fetish freely. :)

Thanks for reading~!

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Hi :) Welcome to the forum. It's always good to see a new writer around here. :biggrinsmiley: (Though writing sneezefic can be quite addictive *looks at her own, neglected, novels and blushes*.)

Hope you'll have fun roaming the boards and if you have any questions (and the answer isn't in the read before posting-section), feel free to ask. :laugh:

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i am so interpreting your name as Galaxy the chocolate :drool:

...which can only be a good thing!

Hi there Awesome Galaxy - welcome to the forum :wub: Hope you have fun here!

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