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OK, so I was reading a fanfiction, and it was AMAZING!!! Kanda sneezes in it, that's how I found it. Here's the link if anyone wants to know or is lost while reading my story, because it is set after this.


The paring is Kanda x Isabelle (Allen's twin sister) Kanda's relationship with Allen is :biggrinsmiley: while his relationship with Isabelle is :) It's written as if you are Isabelle. It's short and not that good but, Pig, I hope you enjoy!!


Kanda had just come back last night from his unpleasent mission that required him to hunt Akuma that only came out during rainstorms, leaving him soaked when he got home. You were now sitting in Kanda's room, lovingly taking down his hair and playing with it. It was one of your favorite things to do, the soft silkiness of his hair was so calming to you and him both. But...


That was the tenth time Kanda sneezed in the last thirty minutes, and he was starting to get really annoyed. Kanda Yuu and Isabelle Walker were the talk of the whole Black Order. They had tried to keep it a secret, but Allen had finally made his way into his twins mind, only to find that she was in love with his rival. He instantly went all Komui on them, and he would have kicked Kanda's ass, if it weren't for the fact that Isabelle would kill him if he tried anything funny.

"Damnit, why do I keep sneezing?!" Kanda complained as you braided and unbraided his hair.

"Everyone's talking about us," you mused, deciding to stop with his hair and loosely hug his neck, resting you head on his cheek.

"Tch, that's just a myth and you know it. Besides, you're not sneezing."

"Then maybe it's just your sensitive little nose." That was your second favorite thing to do, tease Kanda. His nose had always been on the sensitive side, so it was quite amusing when he started to deny it.

"My nose isn't sen-" just then you cut him off, now needing to prove yourself right. Placing your index finger in between his eyes, you slowly moved it down the bridge of his nose and rested on the tip.

His breath immediately started to hitch. He shut his eyes tight, nose twitching under your finger. The tilted his head back, mouth slightly open, breath coming quickly.

"HU'KSHUUUUUUUHHH!!!!" Kanda finally sneezed, covering his nose and mouth so he didn't sneeze on you arms, which were still around his neck.

His reaction worried you. He was sensitive, but not that sensitive, unless he had a cold. You quickly took off your glove and placed a hand on his forehead. He was a little too warm to be normal. He had been complaining about being sore too, another thing he didn't usually do. You got up and ran to the bathroom, only too return with a thermometer. Kanda was looking at you in confusion, which quickly turned to annoyed realization.

"I'm not sick GAKI," he said, annoyance thick in his voice. His voice was even a bit off. You were a bit shocked that you didn't notice that earlier.

"That's not a very nice thing to call your girlfriend KANDA-PON. I'm just worried. If your not sick then this shouldn't be a problem." You pleaded.

He knew he couldn't win, and he hated seeing you worried. With a huff, he gave in and stuck the thing in his mouth. It read 36.94 degrees C, not good.

Isabelle immediately pushed Kanda into bed, put a wet washcloth on his head, and went to the pantry to get some tissue boxes, he's going to need them. After a while of taking care of him, with alittle arguing in between, Kanda finally settled down enough to fall asleep. It wasn't a bad cold, and you felt a little bad for overreacting so, but was happy all the same to see him resting. You stayed with him all night.

Kanda found you in the morning, sleeping on the side of his bed. He decided not to get out of bed and pet you instead. he would never say it to your face, but he was glad to have someone who cared. "He leaned down and kissed your sleeping face, and whispered very softly "Thank you."

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Hey, thank you! This was very sweet. I remember really liking this fandom, even when I didn't follow the manga anymore, I still thought the fandom was totally cute. You were very kind to write this. ^_^

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