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'Can you tell I hate animals?'


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Uhh yeah, this guy again :biggrinsmiley: My little albino surgeon <3

Origionaly; Silas was just suppose to be kinda like a fanservice character, just for me, but then my friends found out about him, and he just kinda blossomed from there. Kinda explains why I gave him a messed up body. XD;

And I still love how much I cant torture him with allergies :]

Hope someone will like this <3


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Ahhh!! An albino surgeon?! What an awesome character! I swear, white hair on characters and a medical profession are my two other fetishes. :laugh:

Don't worry about the messed up anything. It's perfectly adorable :) I love his eyes...

And that double sneeze. :biggrinsmiley:

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Ahh, white-haired manga boys. <3 I cannot resist them. He is positively patheticute, your surgeon. Love his little pink-eyed recovery there. *coo*

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<3 Those comments really make my art feel worth it : D Thanks a lot! <333333

Oh...But dose anyone know any other place to upload pictures beside DeviantArt or Photobucket? D:

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