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So, I've finally decided to actually join here. I've been lurking for a little over a year now. While sneezing has certainly interested me for nearly as long as I can remember, it's sort of been an off and on thing these past 8 or 9 years. Then before I started to date the guy that I am currently dating, we were hanging out with some people (and I was already starting to like him), and I got to hear him sneeze several times in a little mini-fit. Yeah, kind of downhill from there : ) I discovered this site, and the youtube pages. When I was younger, in high school and college, despite having my own computer I was very reluctant to do any looking about online. That has since changed.

And I must say, that I have been incredibly lucky because after (very reluctantly and with great difficulty) telling him about my fetish, after we had been dating a few months, I found that I had a partner who was very willing to be complicit in this with me. It's actually great knowing that he knows because when he does sneeze in front of me, he knows what goes through my mind, not that I usually hesitate to give him a little reminder, even if it's just a little touch on the arm or something. But he's great about it, and is even willing to take meds a little later than he might otherwise (did I mention he does have allergies? :D ). And likes playing them up for me, induces, and otherwise is all around game for some fun. And I make sure I let him know all the time that I am grateful to be with someone who is not only understanding and willing, but someone who has helped me become more fully accepting of this part of myself. Not that I don't still get horribly embarrassed sometimes.

Well, that rambled. Anyway, I am glad to have finally decided to join and look forward to it.

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Congrats on de-lurking. :D I'm very glad you've found such an awesome and understanding partner where you can share this with. (Don't worry, I think most of us still get horribly embarrassed sometimes, I do. :D )

Hope you'll enjoy roaming the boards, and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions (and the answer isn't in the read before posting - section). :D

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:blushing: I am glad you have such an understanding (and sneezy!) parter hehe. Really, it is wonderful that he has helped you embrace a significant part of yourself. Hopefully we can too! Lokking forward to some SO obs from you, if you feel inclined to share :winkkiss:

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