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Lexy Stone chopped carrots, "I'll be home soon." her husband, Derek, said "6:30. Promise"

"So that means you'll be here about 7:30 at the latest?" Lexy asked, "Is Bridgette still out with her...friend...?"

Derek sighed, "Melody...yes which means we'll be getting a call from the police any time now, we both know the influence that 'girl' has on Bridgette..." Lexy sighed as well "Isn't there somewhere in those thousands of parenting books that says you can remove friends?"

"Ha! I wish I ground her Melody sneaks in, I throw Melody out she threatens to convince Bridgette to sneak out the window..." Lexy said the door then then flew in both Bridgette and Melody were soaking wet, "Girls have you been running in the rain?!"

"No we were running in the chocolate factory!" Melody said Lexy couldn't stand her sarcasm, she was about to sit on the couch but Lexy stopped, "God Bridge I can't sit with out getting attacked!"

Lexy rolled her eyes, "Bridgette take her up stairs she can ruin your things..." Lexy said it between her teeth. Melody rolled her eyes she went mid way with a "hichoo!" Lexy sighed "Melody I would love it if you didn't give Bridgette your cold..."

"I am not sick..." Melody grumbled going up stairs, Melody shut the door kicking off her shoes Bridgette was getting undressed, "Very sexy..." Melody wrapped her hands around Bridgette from behind. "heshew! shit!"

Bridgette turned around, "God bless you...there's two reason why I say not tonight...first my mom would probably kill us both if she saw us and she'd kill you extra if she knew you got me sick..." Melody gave her that puppy dog face, "Come on you know I'd love to but we can't..."

"I am not...*cough* sick..." Melody gave a sad look, "hichoo! ugh...I can't be sicg...sniff! it just gives your mom another reason to kick me out....she already hates me..."

Bridgette kissed Melody's head, "Babe don't worry..." Bridgette and Melody changed and snuggled on the bed. "Melly you should get some sleep...you look so unwell..."

Melody was about to reply but her nose twitched, "hichoo! hichoo! heshew!" she groaned, closing her eyes, "I hate being sick..." Bridgette leaned down they kissed, then snuggled. Behind the door Lexy could see...

TBC? be nice please....

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Ack! No fair! Lexy could see what? >:D

I like the way it's going so far...interesting~ scandelous~

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Part 2:

Lexy could her daughter kiss another girl, she always thought that she'd be mad if that happened but she wasn't, Lexy knocked on the door Bridgette and Melody stopped, "come in..." Bridgette said sitting up Melody stayed laying down. She came in offering cold medicine Lexy left, "Oh my God she knows!"

"And you know how?" Melody asked sitting up then covering her mouth, "hichoo!"

"Bless you..." Bridgette gave her a tissue, "Because she's my mother and I know when she knows like she knows when I'm lying...it's strange but we know each other too well."

Melody blew her nose, "I think you're overreacting if she knew then I'd be pulled by the ear saying 'ow, ow, ow' and Lexy would be say, 'You are never allowed to talk to my daughter ever again!' Of course I'd disobey her sneak you out and get away from those boarding schools to program you into become straight."

Bridgette got up, "You've really thought this over but I know my mom and she knows..." Melody followed her taking a box of tissues. The door bell the rang, the two girls stayed behind the door when the saw Trisha in the front door way. Tisha is Melody's mom...if you can even call a smoker, drinker and woman who hates all children a mom.

"Tisha come to pick up your daughter?" Lexy said between her teeth she couldn't stand Tisha and Tisha couldn't stand Lexy they were too different people with two different styles of parenting, "Not stoned I see that's always good..."

"Can the nice act grandma I come to do you a favor..." Melody and Bridgette looked at each other, "I getting that girl off your hands I'm not parenting her any more and neither will you...I'll drop her off at the bus station right next to my strip club."

"hichoo!" Lexy heard the quiet sneeze she looked at Tisha with the suitcase, "heshew!" "Tisha...that will be unnecessary to completely abandon your child I'll take care of her..." Lexy took the suitcase, "If you need to be put in a home you'll know where to call otherwise you can leave..." Tisha popped her gum in anger.

Melody stood behind the corner, Lexy went up the stairs, Bridgette was rubbing her back, "So...hi mommy..." Melody said looking down, "heshew! hichoo! *cough* *cough*."

"Bridgette take Melody back to your room...get some rest..." Lexy gave Bridgette the suitcase, Melody stood there for a while, Lexy bent down a little, "Are you alright?"

Melody extended her arms and warped them around Lexy's neck hugging her Lexy couldn't remember the last time she actually hugged Melody but she did, "Wow...who knew you guys could get along?" Bridgette joked.

Melody tensed up, "hichoo! heshew!" the parted, "sorry..." Melody whispered rubbing her nose Lexy kissed her head assuring her it was alright. Bridgette and Melody went back to Bridgette's room.


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SOOOOO glad i found this story!!!!! i love bridgette and melody!!! can't wait for more!! :(

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Just a little description if anyone is interested Melody is 16 years old brunette, brown eyes, slim, tomboy usually in a tank top and jeans small nose sort of high pitched sneezes; Bridgette is 16 years old autumn hair, hazel eyes, slim, kind of in the middle with girly and tomboy, cute little notice with loud sneezes (I think you can guess what that means :laugh: ). On to the story that I am worried about posting :)

Part 3:

3:45 AM:

Melody laid awake listening to the rain why did I have to put the tissues so far away? she thought

caught between waking up Bridgette a light sleeper by reach over her, or get drowned from her

runny nose that wouldn't stop. Melody felt completely miserable and only wanted to be wrapped in

Bridgette's warm arms but she wasn't about to let Bridgette wake up with snot all off her.

She sniffed back for the hundredth time it made her nose itch shit! rubbing her nose the last thing

she wanted to do was wake up anyone Melody felt so bad for letting Bridgette, Lexy and Derek

take care of her. Melody rubbed as hard as she could but it was no use she just stuffed her face into

her pillow, "heshew!! hichoo! hichoo! hichoo! heshew! *cough* *cough* hichoo!" Melody lifted her

head discussed at the sight of her pillow then felt Bridgette soft touch, Melody flipped the pillow over

and groaned.

"Poor baby doesn't feel good..." Bridgette whispered she put a tissue over her nose, "Blow angel..."

Melody too tired blew her nose Bridgette through on the other side of the bed, "Better?" Melody

berried her face into Bridgette's neck whimpering, "Angel what's wrong, why are so upset?"

Melody looked up tears streaming down her face, "I am so gross! And I suck!" Bridgette hugged the

emotional girl giving her re- assurance, Melody eventually fell asleep in Bridgette's arms. She listened

to the rain but that didn't last long, she started to sneak away to go to the rest room.

Lighting and thunder went outside startling Melody awake Bridgette was out of sight, "Bridgette?"

Melody mumbled looking around her mind went to the worst, "Bridgette?!" Her voice was louder,

"W-Where are you?!" Melody jumped out of bed opening the door to the hall way, "BRIDGETTE!?"

She hung onto the door way shaking looking around the darkness tears went down her face Lexy

came out of her room and Bridgette came out of the bath room, "It's okay Melly I'm right here..." Lexy

put her hand on her shoulder bending down, while Bridgette hugged. Melody was looking at the floor she

was still shaking feeling stupid. "Come on off to bed for the both of us..."

Everyone went back to their beds, "God I'm so stupid for that..." Melody mumbled into her pillow, "I

woke up everyone, I just..." Bridgette shushed her rubbing her head, "I just...couldn't stand the thought

...of...of...hichoo! heshew! *cough* sorry...of...waking up one day...a-and you left..."

"Melody we both know that is never ever, ever, ever, ever EVER going to happen! and bless you..."

Bridgette hugged Melody kissing her, "Don't think silly things like that...I promise that I will stay with you

no matter what anyone says..." Melody smiled through her tears, "Now enough excitement get some sleep."

"Okay..." Melody whispered going to sleep.

The next day:

Melody woke up feeling much better, Bridgette was still sound asleep, so Melody quietly slipped away letting

her sleep a little longer she went down stairs, Lexy was sitting on the couch, "You are looking much better

then a few days ago..." Lexy said Melody sat next to her.

"Trust me a feel much better then last night..." Melody said then her voice got softer, "Sorry for waking you

...with my little...melt down..." Lexy smiled.

"Don't worry about that I've had plenty of nights woken up by Bridgette." Lexy said taking a sip of her tea,

"Would you like some?" Melody nodded turning on the TV, she came back with a cup of tea, Melody thanked

her and they started talking they were both startled when they heard a loud "heeee-choooo!!" "Oh no..."

Bridgette came down stairs she didn't look very good, "Oh no babe I'm so sorry..." Melody said Bridgette

sat between them both, "And damn you have one hell of a sneeze..."

"I know...now I'm the one who is 'gross' and sicky..." she said looking at Lexy, "Mommy I don't feel good..."

Bridgette said it in a little girl voice Lexy put her arms around her.

Lexy kissed her head, "Oh my poor baby, back to bed for you..." Melody then hugged her apologizing again

for getting her sick she felt bad for getting Bridgette sick, she looked miserable. Melody helped Bridgette up

and then into bed.

"hhheee-SHEW!!" Bridgette sneezed into a tissue then laying back down, "Ugh...you must have been so

miserable sweetie..." She said snuggling up to Melody, she nodded, Bridgette closed her eyes, "can...

*cough* barely keep my eyes o-*yawn* open..."

Bridgette fell asleep in Melody's arms it was her turn to take care of her sick girlfriend.


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well this is embarrassing I am stuck...I don't know where to go with the story so if you have any ideas then leave a comment I'm losing my creativity :drool:

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Part 4:

Bridgette stared into the darkness, Melody was sleeping, it was only a couple

of hours until Bridgette was gonna drag herself and go to school. No matter

how bad Bridgette felt she was going to school; Bridgette wasn't going to be


Bridgette turned back facing Melody, and hugged her arm trying to get every

bit of sleep she could. What seemed like minutes the alarm clock boomed,

she groaned, berrying her face into the pillow then coughed, she felt Melody's

soft touch rubbing her back, "Angel you still don't sound very good..."

"I'b goig to school..." Bridgette grumbled harshly, Melody stopped rubbing and

lied down watching Bridgette, then she looked at Melody, tears in her eyes,


Melody smiled sweetly, she hugged her, "You're too sick and you don't feel good;

let me go tell your mom and I'll stay home to take care of you..." it took a while

but Melody finally got Bridgette to let go so she could leave. She heard "heee-

chooo! he-shew! "Bless you."

I walked down stairs Lexy was making breakfast, "Is Bridgette going to school or

she feeling crummy?" Melody said she wasn't, "Okay I'm gonna go check on her."

Melody followed Lexy Bridgette was shivering, "Oh poor angel..." Lexy put a

blanket over to her shoulders and Melody hugged her laying down.

"Melly..." Bridgette mumbled, "I don't feel good..." Lexy kissed her forehead, then

went to call the school. Melody and Bridgette hugged her, "heee-SHEW!!! hhee-


"Bless you angel..." Melody kissed her forehead, "Just get some rest in my arms

I promise I'll stay here with you..." Bridgette rested her head on Melody's chest

Melody rubbed her back.

The rest of the day Melody and Bridgette spent laying in bed, "he-sh!" Melody

told her not stifle, wiping her nose, "hhee-Sh!" Melody told her again not to

stifle, "But I don't want to get you all snotty on you..." Bridgette whispered.

Melody kissed her head, "Angel it's okay...I don't mind you took good care of

my snotty self and now it's my turn to take care of you cute self." Bridgette

smiled sneezing three more times, "Bless you..." she put a tissue to her

nose, "blow..."

Bridgette blew, "I am so gross..." Melody hugged her tighter, "And you are one

weird girl for loving me..." They both giggled, "he-sh! sorry...HHEE-SHEWWW!!


"Bless you a million times angel..."


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