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My first story: it runs in the family

Sabrina May

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"Ehhhesheiw!" I sneezed.

It was just 6 am. Nothing new, except for when I looked out the window all the little dandelion pieces were floating around in the air. Big whoop. I rubbed my tired eyes, and realized they were getting itchier and itchier progressively. "Ehsheiw! Sheiwww" I sneezed.

Why was I sneezing? Whatever. There's nothing wrong with a 15 year old sneezing 3 times in a minute, right? I got up and sighed. My nose was kind of stuffy. I looked around my room for tissues, and at the same time an irritating tickle formed in my nose. I got dressed and then I walked down the hall to my sister and I's bathroom. The bathroom is done like a master bathroom, with 2 sinks and all that. Of course she is already there and ready to go, hair and clothes all set. But every morning there is one thing she has to do: blow her nose and itch her watery eyes. Both my mom and my sister have allergies. It could be to our cat, or just seasonal ones. Who knows! My sister, her names Ashleigh by the way and she's 17, grabs a tissue and puts it to her nose. She closes her eyes and sneezes a wet, "Aschhh, ehh..ahheschhh!"

"Bless you," I say weakly.

The tickle in my nose still hasn't gone away, and my nose has felt all irritated for like 2 weeks. Our cat, Lizzie walks in and I pick her up. She rubs against me and I cuddle her. Doing this causes a couple cat hairs to drift into the air. A few minutes later, I bend down and look in the bottom cabinet for my hair straightener. Lizzie walks by me and her tail sweeps under my nose. "Ehhsheiw!" I sneeze.

"I'm sure your allergic, Mandy." says Ashleigh.

My sister has been trying to convince my I have allergies like she and mom do ever since that irritation formed in my nose. "Nah, i don't think so," I said. Ashleigh opens her mouth to speak when she lets out an, "atchhhh...atchshhh. Well. I think I'm allergic. Dad says it's just the pollen , but pollen wouldn't be this affective all year round," she says. Ashleigh blows her nose again, and at the same time she complains. "It just doesn't stop, does it? I've been so sneezy and I couldn't even get through a phone call last ny..ny...axtchhh...last night. I'm gonna stop stifling thee...thee...ehsheiw! These." So I run down stairs for breakfast where my parents are drinking coffee. My mom is actually blowing her nose, and my dad is asking her about allergies.

 "is the pollen getting to you again?"

"yeah, I think I just have a sensitive nose, and Ash too. Although Ashleigh thinks she's allergic to the cat. I used to be allergic but I know I grew out of it. I'm sure that she's just reacting to the pollen. *sniffle* and me too." mom says.

"Hey, Mom," I say. "*sniffle* where are the tissues?"

Before she can answer she sneezes 3 sneezes all sounding like "ehsheiwww!"

I rolled my eyes and walked away. Ashleigh then walks down with Lizzie in her hands, well in her right hand, she is sneezing into lure left hand every 5 seconds. She let's Lizzie go and then she goes and gets a tissue. Ashleigh sneezes a couple more times and then she gives her nose a long wet blow. Now I know where the tissues are, and I can stop this itch in my nose. I finally get a little relief. I sit down and notice there is a new floral centerpiece in the dining room. I smell a flower and my nose is all irritated again.

"Ehshieww! Eshhh..shieweyy! Ehsheiw!" I sneeze.

"I still think your allergic to something!!" says Ashleigh.

"i sniffed a flower! So what if I sneeze?" I snap.

"well, Dad. I think it's pretty obvious I'm allergic to Lizzie. I mean I'm always sneezing around her! And do you see how red my eyes are?!" Ashleigh says.

"It's just pollen, Ash, your fine." Dad says.

So my sister and I walk out to the bus stop.

"Eschiew!" I sneeze

"all. erg. ic," says Ashleigh.

I roll my eyes and realize the tickle is back. I don't wanna sneeze again though.

*****9 hours later*****

"Eschiew! Ehh...Eh Eschiew! *sniffle*" I sneeze into a tissue. Lizzie is standing on my lap and her tail is waving around my face again. Ashleigh sits down next to me with even more watery eyes than earlier. Lizzies tail touches her face too. She calls for dad to see this reaction but dad says it's just pollen and Lizzies tail is just starting the trigger to her allergies. To prove him wrong she picks up Lizzie and singles her to her face. She rubs her nose which I can see Is getting very itchy. Eventually she has had enough and she starts a build up...

"Ehh once, once I sta-starrr once---ESHIEWE! SHHIEWWW! Eschieweyy...*sniffle* I can't stop!"

Then dad asks me to brush Lizzie since I'm not a sneezing mess like Ashleigh. I want to say something but Im still all stuffy and my nose is tickly. Plus I don't think I have allergies. And I don't want someone trying to prove it.

The next night dad decides to bring us for an allergy test. I insist on not getting one and so does mom. Ashleigh finally gets proof she has some allergies, but the results are unclear. Dad claims it's pollen. And the doctor decides to take this a step farther. He brings out samples of common allergens and has Ashleigh inhale them one out of a time. Here are her results:

Grass/pollen: ehhheschieww

(Dad: told you it was pollen)

Cat dander: ehh eschiew, eschieeee, Eschiew! Shiew! Shieww.


Dust: eschiew

Soo the doctor now says it's my turn. But I say I don't need a test, and that Ive just been a little sneezy lately. That's it. Mom says she knows it's just pollen and she's not allergic today's anymore.

Should I continue?

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Excellent. Sneezy sisters and allergies; what could be nicer? More please...

But I'm intrigued that hay fever doesn't count as an allergy...

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Wow, I usually don't like first-person fics but this was incredible. Really excellent work, do please continue!

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absolutely! this is an awsome beginning story! I hope you write a lot more

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Here I am continuing "It runs in the family"

Here I go...

Friday night:

 "Escheiiww! UHeschiew...scheieeww"! I sneezed into a tissue at my friend, Katie's house. I have just arrived here for a sleep over. Katie's mom is a vet and they have 4 cats and 3 dogs. This is kinda starting to prove I have allergies, but I'm ignoring it and going with I don't have them. As I enter Katie's room, I notice she has a rabbit in her room.

"you got a rabbit?" I ask.

"yup, but I think I might be allergic. Don't tell my mom though, shell make me get rid of it." Katie answers.

"Well you don't seem to be allergic right now."

"Well watch when i get up close to it," and Katie picks up the rabbit and snuggles it on her chest. She looks down and inhales the dander.

"axtshchhhh" she sneezes wetly. Katie walks across her room to a tissue box and wipes her nose. Seeing that reminds me of the irritation in my nose, but I'm to embarrassed to get a tissue. I plop down on her bed and that shoots animal hairs and dust into the air. Great. My so called allergies are acting up. I turn completely away from Katie and sneeze a wet "Eschiewwww..escheweeyy" into my elbow. I am sure I have a cold but a few hours later, I fall asleep. As I am settling down, I pet her cat. The cat is so happy by my attention it falls asleep next to me. The next morning I wake up with itchy eyes and a runny nose. Since Katie is still sleeping I run down stairs assuming her moms still asleep too. But her mom is making breakfast for us and katies younger brother. She looks at me and before I can say something I sneeze 4 times: "ehhuhheshieww...eshiew...shoe...EHHSHEIW!" "bless you" says katies mom. "why are you so sneezy?"

"Umm, I'm just sneezy usually in the morning...Eschiew! Excuse me. I'm sorry."

Before she can respond I walk into the bathroom. I blow my nose and its long and wet. "Eschiewwww! Eh...ehhh..." I feel like I'm gonna sneeze again but I don't. I walk back up to katies room. She is awake. "Hey!" she says. "Hey Katie, sorry I was in the bathroom. What do you wanna do?"  "Hmm, we could prank call people like we always do." She says. "Sounds fun," I say, "Uhhh...ehsheiw! UhhhSHIEWWW!" I sneeze. "Wowww, bless you!" Katie says. Im about to say thank you when I sneeze an "EHHHshiew! Ugh, thank you." So Katie grabs her phone and asks me who I want to call. I dial my sisters number and she picks up.

"Hello?" She says.

"Hi. Is this Ashleigh?" Asks Katie.

"Umm yeah. Why?"

"Because this is Sarah from 97.7 Luna FM, and you've won a 5 night trip to Florida!"


"Here's our other DJ, Liza, with the information."

"Hey, Ashleigh," I say, then I feel a tickle in my nose, "Ehh...ehhshiew! Excuse me...uhhEHHSHIEWWW...SHIEW!!"

"Amanda, I know it's you. Bye."

Katie asks me if I'm sick, and I say no.

"I'm just sneezy in the morning," I repeat.

"Oh, do you have allergies?" Katie asks.

"What? Oh...um...uhhhEhshieww! Um no, I don't think so."

"Do you have a cold?"

"No I don't feel sick either."

So Katie and I go outside and just have fun and be crazy 15 year olds...haha. So we were doing gymnastics in the front yard when Katie wanted to show me this cool flip she knows on her trampoline. So we walk back to the backyard when I stop and close my eyes. I knew what was coming...

"Ehhhsheiww!" I sneeze, "Ehhhuhhh...okay that's it... Ehshiew! Eh, ehhhhshiew! Be right back."

I come back with a tissue to my nose as Katie starts her flip. After the trick is done she takes a little bow and does a couple easier tricks on the trampoline. I sniffle and then blow my nose again. "Esschiew..Eschiew! *sniffle* ugh. Why do I keep sneezing? EHHuhhSHIEWWW!"

"Woww, bless you!" Katie says. "Are you sure your not allergic to anything?"

I shrug and soon my mom arrives to take me and Katie to the mall. Since the pollen is crazy flying around like crazy both her and Ash are all sniffly, when we pull into the parking lot, Ashleigh sneezes 3 times: "axtschhh, ahhxsxtchhh, atchhhh"

"Ugh, these allergies," she blows her nose and I hear how wet it is.

Do you still wanna hear more?

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awsome story so far! please write more your pretty good at writing!

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