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Sabrina May

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Yay! More Chelsea from the past few days, hope you enjoy! Were still staying in the lake house taking care of the place for my mom...so enjoy this!

Obs 1: Chelsea and I drove up to the nearest shipping area, which is like 20 minutes away to get some food and a couple other things. First, we go info Walmart. She was fine for a while, but then I picked up some garden fertilizers in that big area with all the plants. I told Chelsea she could go buy what she needs right now if she thought this would cause an allergy attack, but she said if she was quick she'd be fine. So I run in look for the bag for about 5 minutes. Chelsea didn't sneeze while we were in there, but we continued onto the toiletries section to get some toothpaste an handsoap for the house (We had run out this morning). On the way there Chelsea closed her eyes, and sneezed an; "Ehhsheiww! Ehhsheiw...uhhEHHSHEIW!" I blessed her along with a couple other shoppers. So I was picking out a good scented handsoap when I said, "Chels, how bout this one?" She sniffed and let out an "eschoo!"

Obs 2: we were in PetSmart and Chelsea started complaining here's our conversation, the S is for me, and the C for Chelsea.

C: my nose is all itchy

S: well were in a pet store

C: well Sabrina I knew that...Eschiew!

S: bless you

C: thanks...aww all the kittens are ador...ador..eschiew! Eschiiiiieeew! Adorable. Eschiew!

Obs 3: Chelsea and I met these 3 really hot guys, and they asked us out for a double date last night! So we went down to a nearby lodge type place with this good restaurant. Then they came over, and we watched tv, talked, and listened to music. One of the guys, Josh, (he was my date) was allergic to cats! So my moms cat was downstairs, and we were watching tv upstairs. Josh was rubbing his nose the whole time, same with Chelsea, but she had meds with her.

Josh: Do you have any pets?

Me: 2 dogs and a cat...why?

Josh: well I'm allergic to cats, but I love them too.

Me: Do you wanna see her then?

Josh: Why not, I mean I'll just sneeze, right?

So I go and get the cat, and place her on my lap. Josh pets her, and some cat hairs fly up into the air. Josh turns away from me and sneezes a desperate, "axtchhh"

"Sorry, I should have taken meds." He closes his eyes and sticks his nose inside his shirt, and sneezes 5 identical sneezes. Meanwhile Chelsea and the other guy, Drew are talking. Chelseas head is on his shoulder, but then she lifts it up to sneeze 6 times, "eschieww...schiewww! Eschiewww....eshiew Eschiew shiew!" Drew looks disgusted. "I'm sorry, I'm really allergic to cats, and I think my meds are wearing off," says Chelsea. Chelsea gets up from da couch and blows her nose. I think Chelsea and drew are like perfect for eachother though. I was scooping some icecream, and Chelsea sneezes another "Eschiew!" "You know what I just realized? You have a hot sneeze." Drew says. Chelsea laughs and kisses his cheek.

So that's it! Enjoy!

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