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Well, this should be fun! First obs ever! It's from about 4 months ago, in my Language Arts class.

There is this boy, I'll call him J, who sat next to me. For a description of him, I'd probably say...pretty cute. He has straight blonde hair, medium length for a guy, about 6"1 tall, thin, has rectangular glasses for his sky blue eyes, and a lot of freckles. He's fairly popular, too. :wub:

He's also the sneeziest boy I know! Poor guy always seems to have a cold, and he's allergic to cats, some dogs, pollen, dust, most perfumes...he just has a really sensitive nose. Luckily for me, he never misses school when he's sick. In fact, he's had perfect attendance for 3 years.

So one day in class, Mrs. Teacher left the room so everyone was talking. I was talking to S, a friend of mine who has a crush on J, and J was talking to a bunch of his friends. I noticed he was very sniffly that day and he kept rubbing his pink nose, so I was kinda already watching him :wub: So I wasn't surprised when he turned to the side and sneezed.

"Huh...tchoo! Tchoo!" A few people blessed him, to which he replied a weak and sniffly, "Thank you...Hmmgxt! Ah'tchoo! Choo! Hehhhh'shoo! Heh'tshoo! Tchoo!" And got up to get a tissue.

"Dang, J!" One of his friends said. Again, a lot of people blessed him. From behind a tissue, he replied, "Thanks," then blew his nose.

He threw it away and sat down, and I said, "You okay, J?"

(I don't know why I said that, normally I wouldn't even trust myself to speak! That's why I don't bless people.)

But I'm glad I said this, because he sniffles and replies, "Yeah. My allergies are really bothering me today."

Guh, I could've died and right there. ^_^

He looked embarassed, so I dropped the subject. But when the bell rang and we were gathering our stuff for the next class, I noticed S, the girl I was talking to earlier, looked a bit sad.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"J. He was sneezing his head off, the poor guy! I would've blessed him, but that would be too obvious."


Then she laughed about how weird that sounded or how she thought it didn't make sense. If she only knew.

I laughed too, but on the inside, I was like :laugh: ! I wonder if S has the fetish? Maybe she does, but doesn't know it. I think it was just...I don't know.

Okay, I'm done. This sucks, I apologize. :)

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No suckage here as far as I can see. :o Great observation, J sounds truly adorable. <3

Welcome to the forum!

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