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A/N: So yes the title is a bit misleading but the song's stuck in my head so there you have it.

Jesse's Girl

Part 1

Oliver was not happy. A select group of students from his art history class were taking a special week-long trip to Paris and he’d caught a cold. He was still going, obviously. He was just miserable.

Isshiew!” he buried a wet sneeze into the tissue he gripped in his hand and threw himself into his seat on the plane. To make matters worse he was in the middle seat meaning he had nothing to lean his aching head on and there would be two people he would probably infect.

“God bless you.” A warm voice said from beside him and Oliver turned to see a boy sliding into the aisle seat next to him.

“Thag you.” He snuffled behind his tissue, blushing a little. The other boy was gorgeous—he instantly recognized him as one of students from his class. They’d never spoken—it was a big class after all—but Oliver couldn’t help but notice him.

“I’ve seen you in class before—Oscar?” the other boy asked.

“Close, Oliver. Whad’s your dame agaid?” Oliver asked, cursing his congestion for rendering his speech so ineloquent.

“Jesse.” The other boy said and shot Oliver a winning smile. Oliver melted and was then filled with a simmering resentment that his friend Michele had passed on this god-awful cold that was making him look so unattractive at the moment. Maybe Jesse hadn’t noticed though?

“Are you sick or something?” Jesse asked immediately and Oliver frowned. ‘How rude to point it out!’ he thought.

“Just a code.” Oliver sniffed. Jesse’s expression turned sympathetic.

“That sucks though, just as the trip is starting. You sound terrible.” He said and Oliver felt a niggling of both guilt and resentment. It wasn’t his fault he was ill!

“Well if you dod't wadt to sit with be ba--babye...uh—huuh—hiishiew!..ugh…exscuse be…Umb, babye sobeode would switch with you. I doubt id though.” He said coldly. Jesse shook his head though.

“No, no that’s not what I meant. I’ve got a pretty tough immune system, I’ll be fine. I was just thinking it’s got to be a pain for you. Bless you by the way.”

“Thags.” Oliver sighed.

‘This guy is being awfully friendly. Could he possibly be gay? He doesn’t look it, not in those clothes, but you never know’ Oliver thought to himself.

Before he could contemplate it further a wet cough suddenly seized his lungs and he hunched over, pressing his worn tissue to his face and trying to lean away from Jesse.

‘Even if he were gay there’s no way he could be attracted to me like this!’ Oliver thought as his eyes watered.

“God you poor guy. Do you need some water or something?” Jesse asked and Oliver shook his head, unable to answer while he regained his breath.

“You sure? Alright then…Hey can I ask you a question? You’re obviously feeling like crap so why are you wearing that whole get up? Wouldn’t sweats be more comfortable? No one would blame you, you know, you’re obviously sick.” Jesse mused.

Oliver stared blankly at him.

“Ged up? You bead by clothes?” Oliver began, offended to his core. He favored the other boy with an expression of pure disdain before he scoffed lightly. “And sweads? Are. You. Serious? Do I loog lig sobe sort of hobo to you?”

“Woah woah I didn’t mean it like that but I mean…come on. Those clothes can’t be that comfortable.” Jesse pointed out.

Oliver rolled his eyes. “They’re Agnes B. Sprigwear 2012. Pragtically fresh off the rudway. Shows whad you dow.”

Jesse looked a bit annoyed by that remark and something of a Cold War started between them—their silence only broken when a middle-aged woman came to sit in the window seat. Oliver quickly scooped up his tissues and pressed himself against his seat as the woman passed in front of him before relaxing again. As the woman sat down he felt a growing tickle in his nose and rubbed his tissues against it wearily.

He felt like crap, the guy sitting next to him was obviously a jerk, and he was going to be miserable on what should’ve been one of the most exciting trips of his life. And he was about to sneeze.

Iitshiew! Ishhiew! Shiew! Hashiew! Scuse be.” Oliver muffled the sneezes into his tissues and grimaced when he felt them become damp against his fingers. He desperately needed to blow his nose now too.

“God bless you.” Jesse said gruffly beside him and passed him a travel pack of tissues. Oliver gratefully pulled out a few tissues and rushed them to his face, leaving the old ones on his pull out table. He blew his nose fully for about a minute and almost cried for relief at being able to breathe through his nose again. Of course the sensation only lasted for a moment before his nostrils were quickly blocked up again. He sighed sadly.

“Thags I guess. Eved if you do dow dothig aboud fashiod.” Oliver said eventually and even then reluctantly. The other boy rolled his eyes at him but couldn’t seem to repress an amused smiled. ‘Huh…He seems oddly unaffected by my biting criticism.’ Oliver noted.

“You’re welcome I guess. Even if you do know nothing about saying thank you.” He said and Oliver raised his eyebrows in an expression of disdain which was only somewhat ruined by the twitching of his itchy, running nose.

“Oh ha ha. Very fud—fuddy—hiiiiih…itschiew! Egscuse be.” Oliver paused to give his nose a gurgling blow. “Really. You’re very clever.”

“Didn’t need you to tell me that.” Jesse said with a crooked grin and Oliver smiled despite himself. Damn him for being so charming, he thought tiredly.

The plane began to move and they fell silent for a bit. Oliver pulled out his book (Love in a Cold Climate, by Nancy Mitford) and tried to read even though his eyes were aching a bit and his head felt like it was filled with cotton. A rumbling began as the plane began to take off and suddenly a warm hand was gripping his with enough strength to bruise.

“Whad the hell are you doig?” Oliver hissed fiercely, turning to glare at Jesse. The second he set eyes on him though it was pretty clear. The other boy was sheet-white and looked terrified.

“I hate planes, I hate flying, I hate this. I really, really hate this, and I’m sorry I was going to try and get through this but I can’t and I know this is really inappropriate but it’s the only thing keeping me from passing out.” Jesse said tightly and Oliver softened.

He would’ve flipped his hand around to wind his fingers through Jesse’s, to hold his hand more comfortingly, but he was clutching a thoroughly used tissue in that hand. The plane swooped and Oliver felt his stomach drop a bit and Jesse let out a whimper and closed his eyes. Oliver frowned.

“Shh you’re fide. Id’s goig to be absolutely fide.” He paused as an intense tickle made his nostrils quiver. “N—hhh-now I need to g—etchiew! Sorry. I need to get by ti-hii—tissue—isshiew!…so I’b goig to take by hand away for just a binute—” and here Oliver quickly extracted the tissue, pressing it to his nose with the hand not holding Jesse’s. “And there we are.”

“Bless you.” Jesse whimpered, eyes still clenched shut. Oliver smiled at him.

“You can be awfully polite at tibes. Either way…waid hod on a segond…ITSHhiew! ISShiew! Sorry. You dod’t have to keep sayig that. I’m probably goig to be sdeezing a lot.” Oliver sighed and then promptly fulfilled his own predictions by sneezing several times more into his tissues.

He felt Jesse squeeze his hand minutely and smiled again. Neither of them said anything--Jesse was too scared and Oliver's nose had started to act up terribly--until the plane reached cruising and then they both gave a sigh of relief. The changing altitude had really set off Oliver’s nose and he hadn’t been able to go 30 seconds without sneezing. Not only had this left him feeling a bit lightheaded and breathless but he really needed to get some new tissues, something which had been impossible without Jesse releasing the death grip he’d had on Oliver’s hand.

He promptly eased his hand out of Jesse's and grabbed a couple of new tissues which he hurriedly brought to his dripping nose. As he then weakly blew he nose he could feel Jesse staring at him.

“Whad?” he huffed through the tissues.

“Are you okay? I’ve never heard someone sneeze so much in my life. God bless you times, like 20.” Jesse replied with wide eyes.

“Oh uh thags. And I’b fide. The changig altitudes usually bother by dose but this code made it worse.” Oliver said as breezily as he could with a stuffy nose.

“Oh.” Jesse said, still sounding oddly guilty. He fidgeted before looking up at Oliver. “I’m sorry if I bothered you then. You probably didn't appreciate my clawing at yet your hand like that when your nose giving you so much trouble.”

“Whad? No dod’t worry. There isn’t buch I can do about the sdeezing. Holding your hand wasn’t sug an idcodvedience.” Oliver said with a haughty shrug. Then he wrinkled his nose as he felt yet another tickle start up. God he was getting sick of this.

Hnngthshiew! Dab it I hade this though!” he cried tiredly. His head was starting to pound sickeningly and he wished he was home in his bed with tea and tissues and aspirin.

“Bless you. Are you any better now that we’re, you know,” Jesse gulped fearfully, “…up here?”

“Yeah id’s gedding bedder sdeezing-wise. Bud by dose feels eved sduffier thad before. Id’s baking by head hurt.” Oliver said rubbing the heel of his palm into his forehead.

“Maybe you should try napping a bit?” Jesse suggested. He bit his lip for a moment. “You could use my shoulder if you wanted?”

“Really?” Oliver asked, surprised, thoughts racing. ‘He has to be gay—he has to! What straight guy offers obviously gay guys their shoulder to sleep on? Seriously?’

“Yeah I don’t mind. I’ll probably just watch the TV.” Jesse said obliviously. Oliver smiled coyly at him.

“Well ared’t you the gentleman?” he said as flirtatiously as humanly possible. Jesse just looked amused and snorted.

“Hey don’t get offended or anything but your voice sounds so funny like that.” He laughed. Oliver dropped his attempt at bedroom eyes to glare before letting his head fall to Jesse’s shoulder. ‘Why oh why does he have to smell so good when he's clearly an utter idiot?’ he cried internally.

“See if I ever give you a combliment agaid.” He snarked before curling his hand up to keep the tissue under his nose while he rested. As he drifted off he could hear Jesse’s voice muttering some nonsense above him but he tried to ignore him and instead let the gentle rumble of his voice lull him deeper to sleep.

“I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It’s just all stuffy sounding and your m’s and n’s are all funny... Hey look they have ESPN! And…oh…you’re asleep. Wow that was fast. Guess you need it…Sleep tight then.” The last was said in a quiet murmur, that sent only the slightest of vibrations through Jesse’s chest, and then there was only the soft rise and fall of Jesse’s breath, and Oliver was asleep.

A/N: So that was the first bit. Tada! :D

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Ohhhhhh, YAY! More from you! I LOVE this! Your characters are awesome! I feel sparks flying right off the computer screen. So yes, this is amazing! Your dialogue is great, too.

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This is a marvelous beginning! I'm really glad that you've written something else to share with us. :D I can't wait for the continuation!

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This is soooooooo good! I'm looking forward to more. Thank you so much for writing this! :) It's just too cute!! :D

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I love this so much...Mmmmmm <3

Please let there be more!

It's such an awesome story, and I'm really excited what will happen next :lol:

Thank you so much for writing it!

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A/N: I am SO sorry for the delay guys! RL has been a bitch. Next time I post a story I'll wait until I have more of it done. Thank you again for all the sweet responses--they motivated me to write this next and final bit. I had originally intended this to be somewhat longer but things are pretty hectic right now so I'm trying to be realistic.

A/N: Apologies in advance for my sad attempts at comedy.

Jesse's Girl

Part 2

Oliver’s face felt hot and sore when he slowly came to, even though it was cushioned against Jesse’s soft sweatshirt. To his utter shame he could feel a dampness on the fabric under his nose. While he sleepily hoped that Jesse wouldn’t notice a tickle began to burn fiercely in his nose and he jerked his face away from Jesse’s sleeve, instead spraying wetly across his own shirt sleeve.

Iiiistschhiew! Ugh..huh...Oh doe...Oh shit! God damb it!” Oliver shrieked hoarsely and Jesse looked at him alarmed.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I just snotted all over my shirt—my beautiful Agnes B. rental…Shit, shit, shit! How can this be my life?” Oliver cried before burying his face in his hands. There was silence before he heard Jesse let out a strangled snort and he turned to glare at him.

The other promptly broke into deep, warm laughter that had the dual effect of pissing Oliver off and sending pleasant heat into his aching chest.

“How, pray tell, is this funny?” Oliver hissed and Jesse bit his lip, trying and failing spectacularly at containing his laughter.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry it’s not. You’re right it’s totally…not…funny.” Jesse said, facing turning red and puffing with suppressed guffaws. Oliver rolled his eyes.

“Fine then. Laugh at my misfortune.” Oliver muttered before yielding to a congested little sneeze, “Tschh!” that left him moaning piteously about his shirt again. Jesse chuckled before giving Oliver a fond smile.

“You want a tissue? I noticed you already demolished my other pack.” He said sounding impressed.

“God yes. Thanks.” Oliver said, weakly snatching at the tissues Jesse offered up. He blew his new gratefully and kept the tissue clutched in his hand.

“So what gives? You didn’t strike me as a germaphobe.” Jesse said speculatively. Oliver gave him a disparaging look.

“I’m not. I got this stupid cold looking after a friend after all. I just care about my clothes alright? This is rental from the magazine where I’m interning. Not only would it be a travesty too—hih—hhh” Oliver paused and cupped the hand clutching the tissue over his nose and mouth and waited panting for a moment. “HIHTSCHHHiew! ih..hitschhiew! ishhoo! ITShiew!...hhh...TSCHH! Ugh..hh...Snf! Snf! Dab it...What was I saying?”

Jesse’s face softened at Oliver’s rather dazed expression. “A travesty…?”

"Right, sorry. It would be a travesty to ruin the clothes but it could also get me fired. And I would have to pay to have it fixed. Oh god I hope this doesn’t stain.” Oliver fretted.

Jesse looked at him strangely. “Oli…It’s spit. It’s practically water. It won’t stain. Especially not on that fabric. How do you of all people not know that?”

Oliver glared at Jesse over his sopping tissue. “I’m gay, not a girl. God why don’t people get that?”

Jesse raised his eyebrows. “So all girls know about how fabric stains? How is that for stereotyping, jeez. I only thought since you’re all into clothes you would know.”

Oliver had the good grace to look embarrassed. “Oh…I spose you’re right. Itshiew! Dod’t expect it to haben agaid.”

“Ha ha. Try saying that again when you can talk like a normal person.” Jesse said and Oliver pouted before his expression melted into one of agonized anticipation. He panted weakly, upper lip curled back to reveal a set of straight white teeth. He wriggled his nose but his nostrils only twitched and he gave a little whimper.

“G-hh-od...dab it...Hhh…hiiih…ihhh…ishiew! Whew!” Oliver leaned back tiredly against his seat after the sneeze which left him feeling tired and achy.

“Bless you Oli...You do kind of sneeze like a girl though.” Jesse noted absently. And Oliver’s eyes snapped open.

“Jesse. Shut up.” He said in a low dangerous voice and Jesse chuckled. Oliver shot him another glare before snapping forward with another sneeze that he hastily shielded with his hands. "HIHTschiew!"

“Fine, fine. Oh and bless you again…princess.” Jesse snickered before Oliver elbowed him sharply in the ribs. “OW! Damn your elbows are pointy.”

Oliver just smirked and muttered, “Baby”, in a low amused voice. Jesse seemed a bit amused as well until he noticed Oliver's growing look of exhausted pallor.

"Hey you ok there?" he asked quietly. "You've been sneezing a lot again...And your color isn't too great right now."

"Gee thags...You sure know how to make a guy feel good about hibself." Oliver joked weakly, grimacing when he heard the congestion creeping back into his voice. Jesse gave him a reprimanding look and Oliver heaved a tired sigh.

"I dod't dow. I bight be feelig a bit worse." Oliver croaked into his tissue, before his breath caught and he hunched over with a deep, congested cough that lasted for an agonizing minute and a half.

Jesse worriedly rubbed his back and his nape until the coughing died away and Oliver collapsed tiredly against Jesse’s shoulder, weakly rubbing at his still heaving chest.

“Oh Oli I'm sorry. You poor thing that sounded terrible,” Jesse murmured. He pressed his hand against Oliver’s check, forehead, and neck and frowned at the heat he felt there. “I think you’re running a fever. You taken anything for that today?”

Oliver shook his head weakly and Jesse pressed the call button for the flight attendant. She appeared promptly an Jesse asked for an aspirin or ibuprofen.

“For your friend?” she asked looking concernedly at Oliver who was resting against Jesse’s shoulder, looking flushed and ill.

“Yeah he’s running a fever.” Jesse said quietly and the flight attended gave him a sympathetic nod before going to get the aspirin.

“I’m sorry I’m being such a bother.” Oliver said hoarsely into Jesse’s shoulder.

“No, no you’re not at all. Don’t say that.” Jesse said immediately and Oliver smiled into his shoulder. He sat up to take the ibuprofen when the flight attendant came back and then flopped back against his seat, shivering.

“You cold in that get up?” Jesse asked and Oliver frowned weakly.

“I told you they’re my clothes…And yes,” he huffed tiredly, still feeling a bit shaky after his fit. In one smooth movement Jesse rid himself of his thick University sweatshirt and pulled it over Oliver’s head. Oliver struggled to put his hands and head through the right holes and Jesse laughed at him fondly. Oliver shot him the evil eye once he got his head through.

“You just had to ruin a completely sweet gesture by getting me all caught up in this damn sweatshirt.” Oliver said exasperatedly once he was situated again. “Not to mention I know you’re actually trying to sabotage my fashionable…hhh…repu—repu—ITSHIEW! Ishhiew! Tschhiew! Ishh!

Oliver sneezed wetly and convulsively into his hands and then grimaced a little when he realized he’d just sneezed all over Jesse’s sweatshirt, as the overlong sleeves had slid down to cover most of his hands.

“Bless you princess.” Jesse said with a grin and Oliver scowled over his hands.

“I was goig to apologize for sdeezing od your sweadshird bud dow I dod’t thig I will.” He said primly before blowing his nose thoroughly into one of the tissues Jesse had given him earlier.

“Don’t worry about it anyway, I really don’t mind.” Jesse said in a nonchalant yet sincere manner, telling Oliver he meant what he said but he was trying not to make a big deal of it--as if to spare Oliver the embarrassment. Oliver glared at him.

“Don’t do that.” He snapped.

“What?” Jesse asked bewildered.

“Say sweet things like that.” Oliver said frowning.

“Why, cause you won’t be able to resist me if I do?” Jesse said with a slow crooked smile which only served to reinforce Oliver’s frown.

“No. Because it’s misleading.” He finished sharply but Jesse just gave a mock-wounded look then laughed.

“God you are a work.” Jesse said, shaking his head in amusement. Oliver ignored him, coughing wetly into Jesse’s sleeve for a minute before rubbing the sleeve under his pink, dripping nose. Jesse rolled his eyes, still looking faintly amused rather than disgusted.

“Now you’re just doing it on purpose.”

“I thought you didn’t mind?” Oliver said innocently before aiming a soft, little sneeze into the sweatshirt. “Ishiew!

“God bless you.” Jesse said before placing a big warm hand on Oliver’s head, gently leading it down to his shoulder. "And that was too cute sounding to annoy me so your evil plan isn't working princess."

Oliver snorted messily into his tissue.

“And besides..I really don’t mind...Anyway that ibuprofen should have made you sleepy by now. Or at least quieter.” He said in mock-exasperation.

“Ah now I s-suh—tscchiew! Snf! See your segret botives. Hihtschiew!

“Bless you.” Jesse sighed. “Hey project runway's on—you’d like that sort of thing, right Mr. Fashion-pants?”

Sniffling, Oliver looked up at the TV and his expression brightened. “Yes! Oh ad this is such a good ebisode!”

The exclamation irritated his throat a bit and he turned his face into Jesse’s arm to cough congestedly before accepting one of Jesse’s earphones and settling down to watch the show.

As the show progressed Oliver noticed Jesse gradually relaxing under him, breathing deepening until he was snuffling rather sweetly into Oliver's hair, obviously asleep. Oliver took the moment to gently pull away and observe his unguarded face. He realized with a burst of pleasure that it looked no different than when he’d been awake and how wonderfully open Jesse had been with him.

'Could it be he was really being genuine with all his flirty remarks?' Oliver wondered. He was so caught up he didn’t have time to turn away when Jesse cracked an eye open and looked at him in surprise.

“What is it? Why’re you looking at me like that? Is my winning charm starting to set in?” he asked with a sleepy smile. Oliver contemplated him for a moment. It was no or never, he thought.

“Yes I think it is.” He said faintly. They stared at each other for a minute, Jesse seeming to search his face for something. He appeared to find it though, as he gave a little nod and his smile deepened.

“Good. This mean you’ll go on a date with me this Friday?” he asked, shifting slightly to get a better look at Oliver’s blushing face.

“Yes.” Oliver replied, rather breathlessly.

“Good.” Jesse said looking expectantly into Oliver's eyes.

Itshiew!” and Oliver sneezed wetly in his face. Jesse winced and wiped his face off with his sleeve while Oliver stared at him in horror, hand slapped against his traitorous nose.

“Wow. Okay that wasn’t the response I was expecting. Bless you though. Good aim.” Jesse said a bit faintly.

“Oh. By. God. I’b so sorry!” Oliver moaned through his hand, eyes clenched shut.

“Well as long as I don’t catch your cold I guess—” Jesse stopped suddenly and stared at Oliver. “Wait are you laughing? You’re seriously laughing?”

Oliver shook his head vehemently but a few more giggles escaped before he fell into full-fledged laughter.

“You should have seen your face! Ah it was priceless.” He laughed before looking at Jesse contritely. “I am sorry, I really didn’t mean too it snuck up on me.”

“Sure it ‘snuck up on you’.” Jesse scoffed. “Unbelieveable.”

“Well you got to laugh at me all of the other times and...Hey...Wait we’re still on for Friday, right? Right Jesse?” Oliver asked, anxiously pawing at Jesse’s sleeve. Jesse favored him with an impenetrable look and Oliver’s eyes widened.

Itshh! Shit sorry!" Oliver's head jerked forward with another sneeze but he managed to aim it slightly away from Jesse who still looked annoyed. "Sorry! Sorry! It won’t happen again. Come on Jesse. I can't help that I'm sick. I don't feel good!” Oliver whined and Jesse rolled his eyes before his face softened and he handed Oliver a tissue.

“Fine, fine. Come here.” And Jesse put an arm around Oliver and the smaller boy immediately snuggled up to him, tissues pressed up to his nose at the ready. He shoved Jesse’s earphone in and looked up at the other boy expectantly.

"Project runway?" he asked.

"Are your tissues ready?” Jesse prompted.

“Yub.” He nodded, nose hitting Jesse's shoulder.

“Earphone in?”


“Was that a yes?”




“Alright now be quiet and let’s watch some Ice Road Truckers.”

“Ew Jesse really?”

“What did you say sneezy?”


“I thought not.”


A/N: Again sorry for the epically long wait. Also yay for very little proof-reading! Love you guys!

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YAYY (: I love how different they are! It makes for quite awesome dynamic between the two.

Oh and they're kind of completely adorable... <3

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Ooooooohhhhh me FRACKING Gahhhhddddd!!!!! You are such an amazing writer and these two are so cute! GrRrrr! I loVed it!!!!

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Very cute! I absolutely LOVE the dynamic between these two. I also love the way you spell Oliver's sneezes. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future!

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seriously this was FANTASTIC!!! :laugh:

an awesome way to get me really hooked :rolleyes:

you did a GREAT job here :lol:

and i´m excited what will come next from you! :laugh:

thanks for this wonderful story! :laugh:

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Aawww, that ending was delightful. I love how much of a princess that Oliver is. :rofl: Amazing job with this! Can't wait for more of your work. :winkkiss:

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I'm sooooo in love with this!!

This was the cutest story I've read in a long time ;)

I love the dynamic between these two, and the "sneezy princess" teasing,

and the sweatshirt sneezing and the cuddling.

There is so much love :D

I can't believe that it's finished ^_^

Are you sure there isn't coming more? :drool:

Very pretty please?

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