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Another gaming observation (m)

So Close

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I'm pretty sure most of my obs have occurred while gaming... Regardless, here's the most recent one!

A couple friends and I are into a game called Heroes of Newerth (similar to League of Legends or DotA). During the "pre-match" portion of the game, my laning partner and I are running around our defense tower, playing some kind of makeshift tag game until our creeps spawn.

Right at the climax of our epic tag-around-the-tower game, my friend (I'll call him J) suddenly stops.

"Aww, why'd you stop? It's no fun winning if you give up!"

I hear a deep, hurried breath and J mumbles a quick, stuttered "sorry," but of course my ears perk up the second he takes that deep breath.

"What? I missed what you said." :innocent: (I'm a terrible liar, if you couldn't tell).

His breath is hitching rapidly at this point, but he's determined to repeat himself. "I-said-sorrYY-echSHOO."

"Bless you!"

It was an adorable sneeze, and while I'm thinking that to myself, my other friend (another male) perks up and says "That's the cutest sneeze I've ever heard."

Um, what? Did he read my mind or something? :blushing:

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... talking through hitching breath? :innocent: Awww, also very amused by other friend's comment. :rolleyes: Thanks for sharing. :blushing:

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