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Ok, this is my first obs so I'm a bit apprehensive about posting but it was just too good not to share :lol:

I was paying for my shopping at the supermarket yesterday when all of a sudden I heard a strong, powerful yet feminine double: "Huh-esh! Huh-ESH!" The sneezes came in quick succession, with only a split-second after the first for the as-yet-unidentified sneezer to hurriedly (and audibly :heart:) draw enough breath for the second, desperate release.

Instantly I looked up in the direction of the sneezes (thankfully I was using the self-service so didn't have to worry too much about arousing suspicion) and almost straight ahead of me spotted a tall, VERY attractive Asian woman who looked to be in her late thirties or early forties. The first thing that struck me was her fantastically curvy body; she was wearing thin, loose-fitting clothes that hung in a way which perfectly accentuated her stunning frame. She was extremely pretty, with a generous, rounded nose upon which sat a fairly large pair of glasses, and behind those lay a beautiful pair of deep brown eyes. Her long, dark hair flowed majestically all the way down to her lower back.

As I looked up everything seemed to go in slow motion. The woman's head tilted back (barely noticeable to anybody but me) and lifted slightly, and the rest of her body, including her *ahem* ample chest, seemed to follow. She turned her head to the left, her nostrils flaring wildly, breath hitching in anticipation, and began to bring her left hand up to her nose. Then came the explosion - her nose wrinkled, her head pitched rapidly forwards and down to meet her rising hand (which was open and hovered just below her nose and in front of her mouth) and her whole body shook gently as, no more than a second after I'd first looked up, she sneezed a third time: "Huh-ESSHoo!" It was wetter, more irritated and even more desperate than the initial double and caused her to sniff wetly a couple of times afterwards and rub her nose softly with her forefinger, and I wasn't sure if I just imagined a slight reddish tinge around the edges of her shapely nostrils. Then, sneeze attack over (and having seemingly managed to avoid bothering any of those queueing around her) she simply carried on as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, I picked up my shopping - and my jaw from the floor - and left the store.

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Are you sure that was your first obs, because it was absolutely awesome!!! What a rare bit of luck to witness a beautiful woman sneezing with such a lack of inhibition. Your detailed description make me feel like I there witnessing it as well. Great job, I certainly hope we'll be hearing more from you soon!

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Yes, I have to say that was a great first-time obs posting! The details really make this amazing. I hope we can look forwards to more to come....? :heart:

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Yeah nice obbs Joe - thanks for posting

Actually I'm quite envious, because depite supposedly high pollen counts this year, I'm going through the drought of all droughts.

However, the last time that happened the drought was eventually broken by one of the best obbs I've ever had, so I'm hoping for the same this time.

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