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I'm not too sure if this is the right place. :lol:...I'm kind of scared now that somebody's gonna be like "What, yeah, there's loads of them in the ___ topic, stupid". xD

I'm just curious. I didn't see anything like this on the board, but I can't find a rule about it.

So, on the forum- story topic, I'd guess- is open roleplay allowed? For example, if I made a thread introducing a few characters, a setting, a plot or a beginning of one, and anyone could jump in with their own characters or the original ones and continue the story as they want to. Obviously, this would have to do with the fetish... :heart:

I'd probably be a little shy about trying it...and plus, contagion phobia, hahaohgodImsoweirdha...but would that be OK with the rules? If it is/was, would you be interested?

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There have been some role play threads on the story board before, so yes, I'd assume it's fine! Go ahead and start your topic ;P

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As Kiwi said... as far as I know is there no rule about it (and think it's very unlikely there is) and there have been a couple before if I'm not mistaken so go ahead and probably don't have enough time right now to properly join in but it really sounds like a cool idea. :)

ETA: I like your signature btw. :)

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