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His turn to sneeze


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Okay, usually I'm the one that can be counted on to sneeze and sniffle all the time because of my allergies. J doesn't have allergies and gets sick occasionally, so his beautiful sneezes are few and far between. However, two nights ago we were having a pretty intense conversation about "the state of our relationship" when mid sentence his breath hitched and he turned to his side, his fist brought to his face and he sneezed a beautiful single syllable double that was something like "TSCHO! ITSCH!!"

I was COMPLETELY caught off guard and could barely find my voice to bless him! J didn't notice because he sniffed gently and resumed discussing why he no longer wants us to casually date each other. :laugh: I was so distracted by his occasional sniffle that I was hardly paying attention to what he was saying, I know...I'm the worst!

Anyway, to my disappointment he didn't sneeze anymore throughout the entire conversation. They were just two random sneezes I guess. But after we were cuddling on the couch later that night, he had his lips resting on the side of my forehead as we laid their in silence both of us contemplating the lengthy discussion we both had. J sniffled deeply and said under his breath "shit, I have to sneeze."

I looked up at him right as he shut his eyes, furrowed his brows, and brought his fist up to his nose. He was stuck in sneezy torture for about 4 seconds before releasing a very violent "ITSCH!!!"

This time I managed to say "bless you."

"Thank you. That was kind of loud. Sorry about that."

I WAS smiling to myself as I replied in a somewhat seductive tone. "Not a problem."

Let's just say, that "the state of our relationship" is just fine!!!!!!!!! lol. :)

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Awww, very cute. Glad you got to hear him sneeze randomly and even better that "state of relationship" is good. :D Thanks for sharing. ^_^

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