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So desperate for a sneeze that other vaguely related things excite you


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I wrote in another thread a while back about someone I've been waiting SO long to hear sneeze...

I am still waiting and have been VERY diligent in refraining from discussing anything to do with sneezing or noses or colds, etc, for at least 2-3 weeks. *angelic look*

So this person lives in America and I'm in Australia and we communicate online with emails and I send him webcam videos of me just talking about whatever, and he sends me recorded audio things since he has no webcam.

So ages ago in one of his "talkies", he was having some issues with his throat. There was tree pollen everywhere apparently and he'd just come home and kept clearing his throat, quite repeatedly. I found this very exciting. lol

Then yesterday...ah yesterday...*gazing off into space* on his talkie, he actually COUGHED. Like a proper cough. I'd wondered for a long time what he'd sound like and be like when he coughed. He said the air quality was really bad that day and the air conditioning got to him a bit while he was talking...it was a really good sounding cough too, and the fact he didn't just ignore it and keep talking...he talked about the cough a little...so that was really exciting, since I have a cough fetish also.

But...I am still waiting for the sneeze...just one little sneeze? That's all I ask!!

Anyone else so starved of sneezes from people they long to see sneeze that anything remotely related like throat clearing or sniffs or coughs (I've listened for any signs of a sniff from him too, previously...there may have been some, but I'm not sure. It may just have been wishful thinking) is REALLY exciting? lol I am so lame, aren't I?

I am so desperate I even want to just ask him straight out, like, did he have to cough more after he ended that talkie? Did the pollen ever make him sneeze? Did he have to blow his nose after being out in the pollen, etc? AAAAGH!!!

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:) Been there, done that. Just realised a few days that gasping and random sniffling turns me on just as much as a sneeze would if I really ache to see someone sneeze. :) :) So yeah, I feel your pain.
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Yes! I'm waiting to see someone, well anybody to sneeze. I listen for sniffing a lot. :drool:

Exactly! Sniffling is one of the main things I listen for, but I'll also settle for coughing, or even nose-rubbing. I have moments like that a lot, whenever I just need to see said certain person sneeze so I'll take what I can get!

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YOU HAVE NO IDEA LOL. Sometimes I literally hold my breath until the certain person sneezes. And if they even so much as sniff, I have to do everything in my power to keep it together. Currently this person is one of my professors. He has the most amazing nose I have ever seen. Often the better looking the nose, the more Im desperate to see the person sneeze.

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I'm still waiting for ANYTHING!!! DAMMIT!

There's been a few more throat clearing episodes, which are always lovely...NO sniffs though, to speak of. :)

I succumbed to a sneeze-related discussion last night and asked if he's a "bless you" type of person, as a "random" question. lol. He said no, not really. Doesn't believe in all that stuff, he's not religious in that way, so...no. He only says it if he feels he has to in certain social situations.

So...looks like my sneezes will never be blessed by him. And I can't bless his either. How sad. lol.

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Yeah, i wait for a celebrity to sneeze for months, I get excited when they touch their nose :)

I'm the same. More with celebrities than people in real life. With real people, I just figure... they have to sneeze *some* time. If I hang around them long enough, I'm bound to hear it, right? (Granted, there is this one guy I still haven't heard anything from, almost two years later. But whatever, I'm sure it'll happen eventually.)

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I'm still waiting for ANYTHING!!! DAMMIT!

I too listen for sniffing. Though if I see a girl rubbing her nose, I tend to pay a little more attention to see if it's just an itch, or an itch that will result in a sneeze.

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Still no sneeze, but earlier today we were chatting online (text, not skype or anything), and he was emotional and a bit teary for various reasons, and said he was blowing his nose. *swoon*

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