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Julian and Daniel return!

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Hello lovely people! I decided to do a multi-chapter fic about how the boys got together. Will include cold and allergies. I love that people were so attached to these characters so...thank you for that.

Sorry for the short, lack of sneezing chapter but it's mostly set up for now. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

Julian sniffled as he lay on his bed. He had woken up sniffling this morning and he was worried he was getting sick. He couldn’t be sick! Finals were starting in 2 days and he really needed to be studying, not worrying about a stupid cold. Not to mention, he didn’t want to give his cold to his roommate, who also happened to be his crush, Daniel. Julian sniffled again before sighing and getting up to head to the cafeteria to meet his friends.


Julian walked into the dining hall and smiled when he saw his 3 best friends sitting at their usual table. Jesse had his arm around Kyle and Daniel had his nose in a book. Math, Julian thought. Daniel was terrible at math and, of course, it was his first final this semester. Julian grabbed some chicken soup from the line and went to sit down with his friends. Daniel’s head shot up at the sound of Julian settling in.

“Hey Julian.”

“Hey Danny.”

Daniel smiled at his roommate and playfully kicked his shin under the table. Julian blushed and looked away, a smile beginning to form on his face. Jesse and Kyle rolled their eyes from across the table, both all too familiar with their friends’ mutual attraction to each other, even if the two boys in question hadn’t quite figured it out yet.

“Julian, is that all your eating?”

Julian looked up at Jesse who was eyeing his chicken soup. Julian nodded, not wanting the others to worry about him.

“Yeah. I had a huge lunch and I ate it at around 2. I’m not that hungry.”

Jesse and Kyle nodded but Daniel still looked unsure. Daniel leaned into Julian.

“You okay?”


“You sure?”


Daniel nodded and sat back, just missing Julian’s quiet sniffle and groan. Julian loved his friends but all 3 of them could be a bit protective of him. That’s what happens when you’re the weakest, most pathetic one in the group. As much as Julian appreciated their concern, he hated being the center of attention, especially when it was about something as stupid as a cold. Julian wondered how long he could keep up his charade before someone, most likely Daniel, realized how crappy he felt. Julian sniffled again quietly and sighed. It was going to be a long week.



Julian looked up from his chemistry book as Daniel entered their room.


Daniel crawled onto Julian’s bed and glanced over his shoulder.

“Chemistry. How exciting.”

Julian smiled and nudged Daniel playfully. Daniel laughed and leaned back against Julian’s pillow. This was how they found themselves most nights, curled up on Julian’s bed studying or watching TV or sometimes just talking. Daniel playfully poked Julian’s side, trying to pull his attention from his studying. Julian smiled and began to laugh as the poking turned to full on tickling. Daniel tickled Julian mercilessly for a few moments until Julian started coughing. Daniel stopped immediately and sat up worriedly.

“Julian, you okay?”

Julian nodded, catching his breath.

“Yeah. Just couldn’t breath, I was laughing too hard.”

Daniel smiled and curled up next to Julian again before switching on the TV. Julian lay down and pulled the covers over him and Daniel. After a moment, Julian felt Daniel’s hand gently nudging his and he opened his palm up, allowing Daniel to entwine their fingers together. Julian smiled and blushed when Daniel glanced over at him. Daniel smiled back at the smaller boy before turning his eyes back towards the TV. A moment later, Julian felt a tickle in the back of his sinuses. Crap. Julian sniffled as quietly as he could but to no avail.

Hshoo! Hshoo!

“Bless you.”

Julian sniffled again, more loudly this time.

“Thanks. Can you pass me a tissue?”


Daniel grabbed the tissue box with his free hand and passed it to his best friend.

“Allergies bugging you?”

Julian smiled at the out and nodded.

“Yeah. Been sneezing on and off all day.”

Julian blew his nose as quietly as he could before leaning over Daniel and throwing it in the garbage. Daniel squeezed Julian’s hand.

“Sorry you’re sniffly.”

“It’s okay.”

The boys continued to watch TV for another 20 minutes before Daniel heard Julian start to snore softly. Daniel smiled and slowly, so as not to wake the sleeping boy, got off the bed before kissing Julian on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams Julian.”

Daniel quickly caressed Julian’s cheek before crossing the room to his bed, climbing in and shutting his eyes.

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Here's my comment: YAY! They're back! I love that you're still writing about them.. awesome. Can't wait to read more. Hopefully soon. ;) Don't worry about the lack of sneezing.. set up is great. :)

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Aww yay! More Julian and Daniel! This is way cute already...hiding a cold and getting together. Yep, I like this already!

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.......... :omg::omg::omg: No way?! :omg: they're back!!! :) *Squeals* YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! :D Julian and Daniel are so adorable! :heart: I am so happy you continued this! :) I can't wait for more! I'm going to hug you now for continuing this! :group: The cuteness level is........is just so.....sooooo :laugh: Ahhhhhhhhh it's kinda funny I think I'm becoming a fan girl of Julian and Daniel. lol. :blushing::laugh:

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Okay. So. I haven't even read it yet, by onus have to know how excited I got when I saw the title of this before I even read it!!!!! Yayayayay!

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Okay. So. I haven't even read it yet, by onus have to know how excited I got when I saw the title of this before I even read it!!!!! Yayayayay!

Stupid iPod. *but you, not by onus

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Mims-I'm glad my boys make you happy!

Ciuty80-Haha. Thanks. Your wish is my command.

Scion-Yay! I'm glad you like it.

Quite Contrary-I'm really happy people convinced me to write about the boys again. I'm glad you like it.

Zane-Yay! I'm so glad you like this one too. It makes me so happy to see your comments.

Going_Nuts-Aw, thanks. That makes me really happy.

Chapter 2:

Julian sniffled quietly as he got dressed, trying not to wake Daniel. Julian had an early morning class while Daniel, lucky bastard that he was, didn’t have class until after lunch.


Julian yelped as he stubbed his toe on the side of his desk.


Julian glanced over at Daniel and sighed.

“Sorry for waking you up Danny.”


Julian pulled his shirt on and yanked his pajama pants off, rummaging through his dresser for a pair of clean jeans. Daniel yawned and glanced over at Julian, discreetly admiring the view of his roommate’s butt. Julian stood up and sniffled as quietly as he could, trying to ease the itch building in his nose before pulling on his jeans. Daniel smiled.

“Hey Julian?”

Julian turned around and smiled at Daniel.


“Come here.”

Julian walked over to Daniel’s bed and sat down. Daniel sat up and sleepily hugged Julian.

“Have a good day.”

Julian smiled and leaned his head against Daniel’s shoulder. After a moment, Daniel pulled back and lay back down, a tired smile gracing his lips. Julian smiled back before getting up, grabbing his back and leaving Daniel to go back to sleep.


Hshoo! Hshoo!

Julian sniffled and blew his nose, yet again. He was in his third class of the day and the small cold he had had turned into full-blown misery. Hiding how crappy he felt from everyone was going to be even more difficult now. As his chemistry class continued, his nose began to run mercilessly. When his class finally let out, he walked out of his classroom and reluctantly decided it would be better for him to go back to his room and sleep rather than continue going to class for the day. As Julian got to his room, he stripped off his pants and shirt, leaving him in his boxers before pulling on a pair of sweatpants and searching for a hoodie. It took him all of 5 minutes to remember his warm, comfortable hoodie was buried at the bottom of his laundry basket, completely filthy from having worn it for so long. Sighing, he coughed loudly and grabbed Daniel’s hoodie from the top of his dresser, pulling it over his head and yanking the hood up. Julian sniffled miserably and pulled a couple tissues from the tissue box by the side of his bed.

Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! H….HSHOO!

Julian blew his nose and sniffled as he climbed into his warm, inviting bed and pulled the covers up over his head. The young man balled up his tissues and held them up to his nose, wiping it as gently as he could before he closed his eyes, tissues still in hand.


Daniel sighed as he unlocked the door. He had had a bad day. After failing a test in history and getting a paper back from English with a giant F written on it, he had been humiliated in science class when he was asked a question he had no idea how to answer. All he wanted was to curl up in bed and take a nap before he got up to study for his exams. When he entered his room, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. Julian always looked adorable when he slept. Daniel’s smile was quickly erased however, when he saw the tissues balled up in Julian’s hand. Daniel walked to Julian’s bed and placed a concerned wrist against the sleeping boy’s forehead. He felt a little warm. Julian sniffled and woke up slowly when he felt Daniel shift next to him.


Daniel smiled and pushed Julian’s hair back.

“Hey there sickie.”

Julian shook his head.

“I’m not sick. Its just allergies.”

“Of course. Cause allergies always give you a fever.”

Julian groaned and crawled further under the covers. Daniel laughed and pulled the comforter back and climbed in next to his crush, pulling him to his chest. Julian smiled slightly and hugged Daniel’s chest. Daniel, in a moment of bravery, kissed the top of Julian’s head. Julian’s smile widened and he nuzzled Daniel’s neck. Daniel smiled.

“You should get some more sleep. I’m tired too so I’ll probably join you.”

Julian nodded against Daniel’s chest before turning his head and burying his nose in the crumpled tissues.

Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo!

“Bless you.”

Julian curled back against Daniel’s chest and closed his eyes, cuddling closer. Daniel smiled and closed his eyes as well, falling asleep within minutes.

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Going_Nuts-I know right. Boys can be so silly like that sometimes.

x2-rainbow-I'm glad you like it. :twisted:

LovelyLinda-YES! THEY ARE BACK! and yes, there is still more after this as well.

Guys, this is not the last chapter. There will be more to come....

Chapter 3:

Julian slowly opened his eyes, waking up reluctantly and glanced at his clock. It read 1 am. Julian groaned and sat up slowly. Daniel looked over at Julian and smiled.

“Hey sleepy head. How you feeling?”

Julian sniffled and glanced over at Daniel. The older boy was sitting on his bed, reading his math notes with tired eyes. Julian stood up slowly and pulled the hood of Daniel’s hoodie back over his head before trudging over to Daniel’s bed and crawling in next to him. Daniel wrapped his arm around Julian, smiling as he finally realized Julian was wearing his hoodie.

“That hoodie keeping you warm, clothes stealer?”

Julian smiled before burying his nose in his used tissues.

Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo!

Daniel laughed and got up to grab a few more tissues for Julian. He passed them to the sniffling boy and climbed back into the bed.

“Use some clean tissues.”

Julian smiled and sniffled, nuzzling his head into Daniel’s neck. Daniel smiled and closed his math book, pulling Julian into a relaxed hug.

“You never answered my question.”

“What question?”

“How are you feeling?”

Julian shrugged and sniffled yet again. Daniel sighed and began to rub Julian’s back. Julian sighed and wrapped his arm around Daniel’s waist. Daniel smiled.

“You wanna go back to sleep?”

Julian nodded tiredly. Daniel lay down and pulled Julian down next to him, turning him so that Julian’s back was facing him. When Julian got comfortable, Daniel began to rub Julian’s back slowly but firmly. Julian let out a contented sigh and Daniel smiled as he felt Julian’s tired body relax. After 10 minutes or so, Julian let out another sigh.



“As amazing as that feels, can you just hug me?”

Daniel laughed quietly and pulled Julian so that his chest was flat against Julian’s back before wrapping his arm around the smaller boy’s waist. After a moment, Daniel felt Julian’s hand curl around his and lace their fingers together. Daniel nuzzled Julian’s neck and placed a small kiss there.

“Feel better Julian.”

“Thanks Danny.”


Hshoo! Hshoo!

Daniel woke up to the sound of Julian’s harsh sneezing.

“Bless you.”


Julian sat up and grabbed a handful of tissues before blowing his painfully red and irritated nose and groaning. Daniel sat up next to Julian and rubbed his back.

“You feeling any better?”

“No. Honestly, if anything, I feel worse.”

“Oh Julian…”

Julian sniffled and sighed which turned into a harsh, hacking cough. Daniel continued to rub Julian’s back soothingly as the younger boy finished his fit.

“That sounded pretty bad Julian.”

Julian rubbed his sore throat and winced slightly. Daniel sighed and brought his wrist to Julian’s forehead.

“You feel warmer then you did yesterday. Julian, maybe you should take a day off.”

“I can’t. My finals start today. Hshoo! Hshoo!

Daniel sighed, having completely forgotten about Julian’s tests.

“Right. I forgot. Sorry. How many do you have today?”


Daniel got up and opened his desk drawer before pulling out six travel packs of tissues and a bag of cough drops and handing them to Julian. Julian glanced up at Daniel, who shrugged.

“I keep a lot of tissues for when my allergies act up and I have the cough drops left over from when I had that cough last year.”

Julian nodded and accepted the tissues and cough drops gratefully. Daniel sat down next to Julian.

“Okay, you go and take your tests and, when you’re done, I want you to go to the cafeteria and get some chicken soup and hot tea and bring them back here. Then, I want you to curl up in bed and…”

Daniel stopped when he heard Julian let out a small giggle.


“You’re such a mother hen.”

Daniel smiled and wrapped an arm around Julian’s shoulders.

“I’m just worried about you. You sound really sick and your fever’s higher. You need to take care of yourself.”

Julian nodded. Daniel put the hood back on Julian’s head.

“You can keep my hoodie today if you want…both for warmth and good luck.”

Julian smiled and hugged Daniel.

“Thanks Danny.”



“So, Dan, I’m gonna cut straight to the point. You…and Julian…need to get together…now.”

Kyle nodded in agreement with his boyfriend and Daniel rolled his eyes.

“Guys, Julian doesn’t like me like that.”

“If you really believe that then you are blind or stupid or a really unfortunate mix of both.”

Daniel smiled despite himself, feeling familiar hope bubble in his stomach. This was a never ending circle: Jesse and Kyle would insist Julian was interested, Daniel would finally get up the guts to make a move, Julian would do something to make it seem like he wasn’t interested (like not trusting Daniel enough to tell him he was sick), Daniel would lose his confidence then whine and bitch to Jesse and Kyle and the whole rotation would start over again.

“You guys really think he likes me?”

Jesse banged his head on the table as Kyle shook his head, a small smile gracing his lips.

“Yes you idiot! Just fucking do something already!”

Daniel sighed and nodded. Maybe tonight he would finally keep his confidence.


Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo!...

“Blow your nose asshole.”

Hshoo! Hshoo! H….HSHOO!


Julian sniffled and blushed profusely. He was in the middle of his third and final test of the day and he couldn’t stop sneezing. The guy in front of him was beginning to get really annoyed. Finally, the proctor called time and Julian gave up his test, already certain he had failed. Julian left the classroom and headed for the cafeteria, rather keen on taking Daniel’s advice from earlier, sniffling all the while. Julian quickly got a bowl of chicken soup to go and a large mug of peppermint tea before taking off for his room. Once there, he curled up in Daniel’s bed, not particularly liking the idea of curling up alone in his, and began to eat his soup and drink his hot tea slowly. Not 5 minutes after he had settled in, the door flew open, revealing a very pissed off Daniel.

“Fuck my life!”

Daniel’s face calmed immediately though when he saw a nervous, very sick looking Julian curled up in his bed. Daniel walked towards the bed and sat down.



“Sorry about that not so grand entrance. I just finished my math final and, well…”

“It’s okay.”

Daniel smiled and patted Julian's comforter covered leg, leaving his hand on Julian’s knee.

“How you feeling?”

“Like death.”

Daniel leaned forward and kissed Julian’s forehead, using the method of checking his temperature as an excuse to move closer to the other boy.

“You feel really warm Julian.”

Julian nodded. Daniel ran his hand through Julian’s hair tenderly and pulled Julian towards him gently. Julian’s breath caught in his throat as Daniel bumped their noses together.


Daniel nuzzled Julian’s red nose and took a deep breath.

“Hey Julian?”


“Don’t hate me for this okay?”

And with that, Daniel leaned forward and pressed his lips softly to Julian’s.

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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YAY!!!! They're finally together! :twisted: This was just sooooooo adorabe! :laugh: I think it killed me over and over and over! In other words it's like a lean mean killing machine! lol. :laugh: These stories are way tooooo cute for their own good! They keep making me blow up and die and yet I still love each and every one! Thanks for writing these! looking forward to more Julian and Daniel cuteness!! :lol:

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aw, this is so cute! I love the whole "does he like me does he not" dynamic thing you've got going on.

YES, HE LIKES YOU ahah. <3

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YAY! I love seeing these guys in story form. I've just gone through the millions of wonderful, mouth-watering drabbles and plowed on to this! So much cuteness. They are absolutely made for each other!

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Ciuty80-Aw, thanks :bleh:

Going_Nuts-I know. Finals while sick is not fun. But luckily, Daniel's there to love him.

Zane-Yay! I made you blow up again! Victory! Haha.

obsessed-Thanks. I'm glad you like it. :omg:

Quite Contrary-Still more to come.

secretsneezelover27-My pleasure. I was totally pressured into writing a longer story but I'm glad I did.

x2-rainbow-I'm glad you're liking the story. I try to update as often as I can.

RSB-Thanks love. I really appreciate it!

Note: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a sexy beast. :)

Chapter 4:

Julian gasped against Daniel’s lips, too shocked to move. It wasn’t until Daniel nervously began to pull away that Julian sprung into action, pulling Daniel back to his lips. Daniel moaned and pushed his tongue passed his lips and into Julian’s welcoming mouth. Julian moaned in return as the boys’ tongues fought for dominance. After a quick moment, Julian pulled away reluctantly.

Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! H….Hshoo! HASHOO! HSHOO! H…..HASHOO!

“Jesus Julian!”

Julian sniffled and dropped his head, embarrassed by his sneezy outburst. Daniel smiled and tilted Julian’s head up, kissing his lips tenderly. Julian smiled back shyly and dropped his head on Daniel’s shoulder. Daniel kissed Julian’s head gently.

“I’m sorry you don’t feel well Julian.”

Julian sniffled and kissed Daniel’s neck. Daniel sat Julian down on his bed gently and opened the bedside drawer and pulled out the thermometer. Julian groaned and pushed Daniel’s hand away. Daniel shook his head.

“Baby, come on. Let me take your temperature.”

Julian smiled and nuzzled his face into Daniel’s neck.

“You called me baby.”

Daniel kissed Julian’s head and gently slipped the thermometer under Julian’s tongue. Julian pouted slightly but allowed the action. A moment later, Daniel read the thermometer and sighed.


Julian sniffled and broke out coughing. Daniel sat down next to Julian and rubbed his back.

“You okay?”

Julian nodded. Daniel kissed Julian’s forehead.



“Would you, um, maybe…”

Julian glanced up at Daniel and kissed his lips gently. Daniel smiled.

“Julian, would you be my boyfriend?”

Julian’s smile spread across his entire face.

“I’d be honored.”


“So, what’s going on with you and Julian?”

Daniel blushed but smiled an extra large smile. Jesse and Kyle both dropped their jaws.

“Oh my God!”

“You…did you...?”

Daniel nodded his head happily. Jesse squealed like a little girl and Kyle nearly fell backwards laughing. Daniel’s blush grew even deeper as half the cafeteria turned to look at them. When the boys had calmed down, Jesse smiled a brilliant smile.

“Took you two fucking long enough!”

“Yeah, I know. I wish I’d made a move sooner. You guys were right, as usual.”

Kyle nodded and smiled at his friend.

“How’s the poor guy feeling by the way?”

Daniel sighed and shook his head.

“He’s got a fever of 102 and he can’t stop coughing or sneezing. He feels really crappy.”

“Poor Julian.”

Daniel nodded and, feeling bad for his new boyfriend, decided to get up and go take care of him.

“I’ll see you guys later.”


Daniel smiled as he saw the adorable sight before him. Julian was curled up in bed, asleep with a book literally on his face. Daniel walked over and lay down next to Julian, wrapping an arm around his waist and kissing his neck. Julian stirred and turned to face Daniel. Daniel smiled.

“Hey you.”

“Hey….Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo! Hshoo!

“Bless you cutie.”

Julian nuzzled himself into Daniel’s neck and sniffled. Daniel tilted Julian’s head up and kissed him hard. Julian gently pushed him away.

“You’re going to get sick if you keep kissing me.”

“Don’t care.”

Julian rolled his eyes but allowed Daniel to claim his lips again. The boys faced each other and Daniel ran his hand up Julian’s side. Julian giggled slightly.


Daniel smiled and kissed Julian again. After a moment, Julian accidentally started to cough in Daniel’s mouth before he pulled away quickly and coughed to the side. Daniel kissed Julian’s head. Julian lay down against Daniel’s shoulder. Daniel wrapped his arm around him.

“You wanna watch a movie?”


Daniel got up and rummaged through the DVD drawer, pulling out (500) Days Of Summer. Julian smiled and shook his head.

“You are so gay!”

“Hey, hey, hey…Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fucking gorgeous. Don’t insult.”

Julian laughed, which quickly turned into a cough. Daniel smiled and popped the DVD into the player before both boys settled in to watch the movie.


“As much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed that movie.”

Daniel laughed and kissed Julian’s forehead.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

The boys lay in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Daniel abruptly pulled his head away from Julian’s.

Issht! Issht!

Julian’s concerned eyes looked up and met Daniel’s shocked ones.


Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Aww...now Daniel gets sick and the two sick cuties get to take care of each other... Loving this!

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Ohh my goodness, this is FANTASTIC! Glad to see your boys making a comeback...and SQUEE!, they're finally together, and Daniel's catching Julian's cold...:bleh: I love your boys. You write them beautifully! This story has made my week!

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