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During tutoring!

Ali Marie

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NOTE: Everyone will be referred to by their character names corresponding with thier roles in Carnival!

I had my Sweet Sixteen 3 days ago. Unfortunately; I had to go home for my party. Which meant I couldn't see my Co-Stars (Who are really my best friends) on my Birthday! But, my Folks weren't picking me up untill Noon, which still gave me a few hours to spend with my friends. Mind you, I only got to see them while we were rehearsing! Now, the cast of Carnival is made up of Minors. So, we legally have to be tutored on the basics: Arithmetic, English, Science & History. Most of the cast is grouped up with one tutor. Not me. I get a tutor of my very own! And for a VERY good reason! We'll call her J. J is Deaf, & she communicates in Sign Language. I was shocked when I learned that I would be the only one placed with her due to the fact that I was the only one fluent in Sign Language! None the less; she's VERY smart! We had our lesson while Lilli was running a scene & when Lilli was finished she came off-stage & into the pit to watch my lesson. I was busy reading one of Penn Jillette's books (J & I are both big fans of Penn Jillette) & I was saw her move her hand, I thought she was signing so, I looked up. She was covering her mouth. She sneezed into the crook of her arm. HE-IIISSSHHHEEEWWW!!! And yes, Sound does emulate because she speaks. She just doesn't speak VERY WELL. Lilli was the First one to chime in with "Bless You!" Marco came into the pit laughing, "She can't hear you! DUH!!!" That really pisses me off! "Don't talk in Third person! It's rude!" I snapped, as I signed Lilli's well mannered remark to J. Boys will be Boys! :)

For once I was glad to be out of there!!!

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I've always wanted to hear a deaf person sneeze. Since they can't hear their own voice, they have no way of controlling what a sneeze sounds like, so you're hearing a completely natural sneeze.

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