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two airport doubles (female)


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I had the privilege of being in a very sneezy airport terminal this morning :yay: there seemed to be a lot of it going on all around me, with the split I would say about 80-20 female. The following are the descriptions of my two favorite obses from this morning.

First: a lady in her twenties, seated opposite from me in the waiting area. She had long brown hair tied in a ponytail and an average nose, and was wearing a rather short dress, up which I, being seated across the aisle from her, was fortunate enough to get a few quick peeks :cry: She was not thin, but not heavy or overweight.

This fine young lady was reading her kindle, and I was not paying her much mind originally, when I suddenly hear: 'Heh-mmp! Excuse me. Heh-mmp! Excuse me.' I got to fully witness the second sneeze because the sound of the first alerted me to look up. The stifles themselves still had a delightful feminine sound behind them. A few minutes later, I got to see her blow her nose into a napkin, which she then placed on the ground in front of her seat on a small pile of napkins I had not previously detected. I assumed at this point she had a cold and had been blowing her nose with some frequency :twisted: she also coughed quietly a little later on, further enhancing the validity of my hypothesis.

The second of my favorite obses came a short while later. From behind where I was sitting a heard a very girly 'Hih-chiiuuu!' Again the first sneeze alerted me to turn to see the second full-on: 'Hih-chhhoo!' (A bit less girly and forceful than the first.) I was glad to have found my sneezer: a smart-looking, twentysomething brunette with dark-rimmed glasses around her green eyes, and a small, cute nose.

Hope you enjoyed! I am typing this from my phone so it has taken me about 20 or 30 minutes :D

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