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Hi All,

I've recently moved to a small town on the California Coast, just south of San Francisco. Near my house is a fancy golf cours, which has a nice trail around it. So anyway today I took my dog for a walk on this trail and boy am I glad I did! Just as I reached a scenic overlook, a couple guys were just teeing up, or whatever.

All of a sudden one of the guys stops practicing his swing and looks up. His breath hitches and and his head snaps forward with a powerful, sort of high pitched sneeze "EH-HOO!!" With his chin still tucked to his chest, he fires of a second, tickly sneeze. "HAH-CHUH!! *Sniff*" very nice...

As the pair got into the golf cart, the sneezy guy blows his nose into what I think is the cover of his clubs. :( and say to his buddy "Oh man my allergies are going wild!" And sniffes pointedly. The other guy replies sympatheticly "Yeah I can feel mine coming on too... my eyes are itching." :)

They then drove off, but god I wish I could have hopped on the back of that golf cart!

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Hmm. I've never witness anything so lovely while walking my dogs. :( Thanks for sharing. :)

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