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Hi Ho merry people! Well after work today my grandmother took me to our local AT&T store to get my (sort of) free upgrade (a little brat at a pool party I attended yesterday sprayed me AND my phone!) since my phone was virtually ruined .. :gah: Anyway, while one of the employees was helping me select my phone, I glanced over at an ubberly hawt employee (About 6'4", tan,slicked back jet black hair , lean and a really nice medium sized nose) and he suddenly gets this puzzled look on his face. Then he bends forward almost all the way at the knees with a powerful sneeze. Like "HUUARAASHOO!" , and I couldn't stop staring.. :drool: After that he looked around and seemed really embarassed, then rushed into their back room (to grab a tissue, I suppose?) and that was that. I GUESS it was worth the time AT&T makes me wait for somebody to help me :rolleyes:

Toodles! :winkkiss:

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What a lovely observation! Normally I loathe shopping for phones, but if something like that happened to me, I'm sure I'd enjoy it more. Thanks for sharing! :)

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@ RSB: Ya, it was pretty nice. ^_^ But, not trying to brag or anything, but it's kinda one of those 'You had to be there' moments. It was just: :drool: Hehe, anyway I am so with you on the phone shopping Sneesee! They take way to long to actually assist me. But my new phone was worth it...

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