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Furry (anthro) Story Request


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Looking for someone who would enjoy creating a sneezefic with an element of charm rather than sexuality or romance. I've got a really nice plot bouncing around in my head that has been hard to find a home for. It involves two vixens, a golden retriever, and a tabby cat. A sleepover, a pillow fight. Something more 'daww' than 'hawt'.

If there's anyone out there who is good at spinning a vivid scene and executing the character interaction of friends, post or send me a note. I can give advice on the whole furry aspect of things, I just really want to see my idea turn into a story. :)

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I'm not really much of a writer, but it sounds like a story I would definitely read :blushing: So yeah, I wouldn't really offer to write it, but I'm certainly interested in the idea.

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